Sunday, 24 September 2017

# TODAY'S KALAM, July 2017

         Smile Miles Foundation

Smile Miles Foundation (SMF), Hyderabad, India was started in the year 2014, later registered in the year 2017. It is a group of intellectuals who started working on several problems and for the development of society. It was started by Dr.Zahoorullah.SMD, Dr. Ahmed Ali and Mr.Arshad Shaik who took the initiative collectively.

The Intellectual Group comprises hundreds of members in the network that coordinates for any assigned project. Presently the foundation is working on Education Projects. Education is the root and fundamental sector to be focused for the betterment of the society. For every Problem in the society can be addressed with proper education and solution be given.

         Providing Quality in Education, Filling the gap in present teaching methods, bringing back of our Indian ancient teaching methods for the present generation, making strong Teacher-Student relationship, Constructing Good Teachers on the whole bringing Reformation in the Education sector in India. One of the main pillars of the SMF is to focus on the women empowerment which is emphasized in its Mission and Vision.

Dr. Zahoorullah.S.MD is the founder & President of SMF. He is a Professor, Scientist, Orator, Writer,Author, a Visionary, Educationist, Entrepreneur, Personality Development Trainer, Soft Skill Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Career Counselor.

Mission : 

To bring reformation in some of the basic sectors in India like Education, Health, Women Empowerment,Transport and Research & Rural Development.

Vision :

  • To impart Quality in Education sector
  • To enhance the skill development
  • To improve the lives of the people by effective health management
  • To empower the women

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