Tuesday, 26 September 2017


                                CAREER Q+A

1. How should I choose a course ?

A. Chose a course based upon your interest. Every course has its own importance. Courses were framed after the conception of employment opportunities. Further, its from the domain which is developed into a broad area with bunch of employment opportunities or jobs.

2. Which course has a Demand?

A. There is no such a demand for any course. Its hype created by the competition among the educational institutions, their marketing strategies, sudden opportunities in one area, advertisements, popularity of a job, influence of a job among friends and relatives. But every course has a demand.

3. How to select a Job?

A. Select a job based upon your interest. Do a job in which you like and have passion. This will easily makes you to grow without any difficulty. Never chose a job based on popularity, craziness, recommendation, Undesirable qualification (matching), or forced by any person and just for sake of livelihood.

4. Should I have to do Post- Graduation compulsorily after Graduation ?

A. For most of the Government jobs Graduation is enough. Of course for some Post-Graduation is also required. Depends upon the job that you want to apply. For many private sector jobs Post-Graduation is Preferred. This is because of the availably of number of Post-Graduates in our country which is due to availability of number of educational institutions.

5. Why Iam not getting job even though I have Graduation / Post-Graduation ?

A. Mere having Graduation / Post-Graduation does not guarantee you a job. In this era there are more number of un-employees in india. It is because of increase in population, poverty, increase in the number of educational institutions, lack of quality in education, lack of information to youth on employment opportunities, lack of awareness on career, forced education by parents In middle class families, political interference in Government jobs etc.

6. How to get a job in my domain?

A. One should have first class with distinction marks in Graduation / Post-Graduation, Skill development like communication, presentation, writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Apart from this one should have quantitative aptitude, intelligence, comprehensive writing and logical thinking.

                                                                                                              -Zahoorullah S.MD
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