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                         A TRIP TO MUMBAI

A 38 hours , trip to Mumbai :

                   As there was sale going on airfares on a flight ticketing website ,I suddenly planned a trip of Mumbai. Mumbai is city of dreams for me, I grown up by seeing bollywood movies excitement of seeing the Mumbai was on peaks then the day came, December 26, and I boarded on my flight reached my dream city Mumbai by 9:30am and in an hour.

                         “The unforgettable memories from Mumbai are ”

Airport :

Chathrapathi sivaji international airport its master piece of architecture ,as my flight was from jet  airways it arrived to international terminal ,I need to cover whole airport to take exit. I came across automated moving walkways and when you talk about interior design, you cannot forget roof of Mumbai airport with extraordinary design, there I have seen many handicrafts which were used for decoration in airport 

      Mumbai airport interior decoration is art work which is mixture of both classic and modern artistic vision . 

The fantastic transport system,

I took a bus from airport to nearby metro station, I was astonished by bus services, they are really good but seating was not comfortable if you compare with telangana , bus services.
        Availability of bus services is wonderfull, near the airport you will find for every 10 mints or less then.

Mumbai metro .

Then I entered into Mumbai metro station, I was very much excited to see Mumbai metro rail. And I started to wait for Mumbai metro, then with in 5 minutes a train with route of versova to ghatkopar arrived. Then I entered into Mumbai metro, from the large and wide windows of Mumbai metro the whole city is welcoming me with its big buildings ,wide roads and beautiful sceneries… Time passed by seeing the city through the window and I arrived at Ghatkopar station.

Mumbai local ;

At Ghatpokar Mumbai Metro station and Mumbai local railway train station are interconnected.
I some how entered into Mumbai local station as it was long and a type of bhul bhulaya. Then I took a ticket to CST ( Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminals ) and I waited about 10 to 15 minutes and, I found Saiveera,
He guided me about the route and timings of local trains then I went to my platform. Experience of Mumbai local was a memorable experience, As that train was not so crowded at Ghatkopar slowly after station by station, crowd got increased gradually and I have never seen such a crowd in my life.

                 “But Mumbaikars are really wonderfull people and friendly too.”
The knowledge of on which side the platform comes, is what matters. because few platforms are on right side and few platforms are on left side. Coming out of the local trains is also a great challenge, you need to come out of whole crowd to reach the platform of your station on right time.

The kaali-peeli experience.

For the first time I have seen many taxies with painted black and yellow I approach a taxiwala, I asked him how much will you take for dropping me at Haji Ali darga He just replied “meter se chalega” I was a bit shocked to hear that to see meter in taxies and they are obeying meters then I reached Haji Ali Darga. If u create bucket list of Darga,Mumbai Haji Ali Darga is one of the best place to visit. Haji Ali Darga is surrounded by Arabian sea, and
path to hajihali Darga is water logged for specific time and route is clear at specific time.

                  Thank god, I visited when the route was clear, haji ali Darga is great place to be visited.

Gate way of India :

Gate way of India is present located at seashore and the monument of gate way of india is jaw dropping besides the gate way of india ,you can see many boats. The scene of many boats at seashore resembled me the seashore of “GTA-Vice City” Ha.ha.. Opposite to india gate there is taj mahal hotel, by seeing that I recollected memories of many Mumbai based bollywood films.

Mohamed Ali lane:

                     If you want to see real Mumbai just visit Mohammed ali lane, it is universe of all markets, food stalls and shopping complexes etc. If you want great shopping time, Mohammed ali lane and near by areas was golden choice.

Chor Bazar :

        Chor bazaar the name is Misnomer. It is the market of second hand goods and handicrafts, not theft items as in the name. I have seen many antiques ,handicrafts and many auto mobile parts at chor bazaar. It is the must visit place for shopoholics and explorers.

Juhu beach :

Juhu beach is natures gift to Mumbai city , it is very much clear ,and it is the good family spot for leisure. As I was very tired, I took a rest at the beach by sitting idle, then I took a hotel at juhu beach. In morning I came again to Juhu beach, the mornings at juhu beach are awe-inspiring. You can see many health consious joggers an many birds start there journey of the day, you can see above the sea. 
                     The next day, I went to thane by Mumbai local, my train was at 4:10AM I wondered by seeing people started their day, this much early 4’O clock. I started to thane and reached thane at 5’o clock, thane is extended part of Mumbai with less pollution compared to Mumbai. I have attended scheduled meeting at thane, then started to Mumbai by route of Borivali. 
                         Borivali is treasure of nature with lots of greenery around it, The route is filled with many sharp curves and ghats. After coming from Thane, I visited film city.

Filmcity is wonderful place you can see many Bollywood memories, if you are Bollywood fan, film city is must visit place.


Bandra is suburb of West Mumbai. Bandra is posh locality ,and it makes sense when people call it “Queen of suburbs’
            It is near to Pali Hill and bandstand. Bandstand is 1.2 KM long walkway along with sea on the west side of Bandra.

                      After seeing these places in Mumbai, I started to airport and reached airport too early, like 3hrs before when I entered airport the entrance is completely different ,and it is much more wonderful than the exit of airport , 
                                    It’s like a new shopping mall is fitted inside the airport, It was a great time pass to me as I entered too early for departure. I passed my time by helping filling forms of the people who were hesitant for writ in ,as they were going to foreign countries for the work. And at last the time of departure was near and with in one hour I reached Hyderabad. So, at last I have completed 38 hour Mumbai trip and back to home

“Thank you for reading this article I will be coming with more experiences and adventures in future through this magazine. So time is not a matter of concern, you can plan a wonderful holiday in just 38 hrs.”

                                                                                                                         -Dr.Ahmed Ali

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