Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Careers in Marketing October, 2017

      1.       What are the opportunities for Marketing Job aspirants?
A : There are plenty of opportunities for the aspirants in Marketing. Without marketing there is no any company that exists. If you think about a  ‘Company’ or ‘Product’ means think about ‘Marketing’ But one should have patience to work.
     2.       What are the requirements for a Marketing job? 
A : Any person who have an MBA degree in Marketing or PG Diploma in
Marketing or even MBA or any person who has certain characteristics to do

     3.       Who should prefer the Marketing job?
A: One should have clear interest to work in any circumstances, risk taking, able to analyze the market, should be flexible, self-motivated and loads of confidence.
     4.       What are the risks in Marketing job?
A : There are many risks like most of the marketing people are given Targets to achieve so one should meet the targets of the company. There are many players (companies) who grasp the market with different approaches and strategies. The main risk is when your product doesn’t works with your strategy and the company end up with loss. Then the time or duration lost here is equally proportional to downfall of the company.
     5.       Is it easy to do Marketing job?
A : Yes ! It is easy for the people who have interest as I told you in my last issue (Please refer previous issues of Today’s Kalam Magazine).The person should specifically suits the profession and should have inclination towards the achievements. He/She should work like a soldier.
     6.       If I pursue marketing degree, can I expect a job immediately?
A: No! It’s you who have to market yourself. Yes marketing of yourself during the interview or marketing of your resume will fetch any job to you including a job in Marketing.
    7.       How to be a Successful Marketing person?
A : One should be highly active, patience, logical thinking, decision maker, should have soft skills, current affairs knowledge, study and analysis on competitive products. 
             “A marketing person is a Soldier in a civil dress” – by  Prof. Zahoorullah.S.MD.

Prof. Zahoorullah.S.MD.

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