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HEALTH AWARENESS - Malnutrition October, 2017

Malnutrition, is the situation where there is an unbalanced diet in which some nutrients are in excess, lacking or with out any proportion.
When we talk about malnutrition,
A question arises in our mind does malnutrition really exists ?
               These questions arise in our mind because, we never seen poverty And malnutrition, so closely..
But malnutrition exists, around us and we don't spare our time to know.
Despite humongous growth of Indian GDP from last 20 years we still have one third of worlds malnourished children.

 Why ?    How ?   Who ?   When ?     Where ?
These are the doubts you may get regarding malnutrition.
Actually you should know because it is serious threat to our nation.

            Why ?
·         Malnutrition is caused by these main reasons.
·         Lack of quantity of food.
·         Lack of quality of food.
·         Lack of care of children.
·         Poverty.
·         Culture.
·         Diaputes in parents.
·         Priorities of parents.
·         Presdisposing diseases which lead to
             mal absorbtion or lack of appetite.

How ?
·         Yeahh., Malnutrition is not a disease which spreads from one person to another, but it still is spreading because of lack of awareness.
·         Because lack of proper care.
·         And also because people don't know it as a problem.
·         So, it still prevails silently or violently in our society.
·         If you keep low economic status as a reason aside actual reason for malnutrition is lack of awareness.
Yes, who is good question.
·         Answer for that is : Anyone.
·         Anyone is prone to malnutrition. Even malnutrition is found in Rich families. But reasons may be different.
·         Eighter due to lack of time for parents or lack of proper care.
·         But comparatively we have very less children who are malnourished in people of high socio economic status than people of low socio economic status.

If you ask when ?
·         When you there is mal nourishment there will be malnutrition.
·         But the young the child is the more severe the child is affected.

Where ?
·         It is not like just people of India. It is affected in mostly all parts of the world.
·         But severity is more in south Asian and African countries.

Consequences of malnutrition

The consequences of malnutrition are,
·         Retarded Growth
·         Deminished health.
·         Deminished immunity - > prone to diseases.
·         Affect in mental health.
·         And many other problems.
                             So, malnutrition is a problem which Indian government is trying to eradicate but it is not successful because there are wonderful schemes like mid day meal. Supplies of suppliments through anganwadi schools.And many NGO's are also working on it.But problem is lack of awareness. And lack of zeal in Society to eradicate this serious threat. So, hope for the best start educating other regarding malnutrition. It was simple overall explanation on malnutrition.

But if you are serious about, malnutrition i have 
a home work for you.

Reply me by searching for few questions.
What are indicators of malnutrition ?
What is P. E. M ?
What is kwashiorkor ?
What is marasmus ?
What are problems of over nourishment ?

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Thank you for allocating your valuable time for knowing
 about malnutrition.
Hope you are aware now of malnutrition.
Thank you again
- Dr. Md Ahmed Ali.
- ‎ Director : Hyderabad Academy of medical sciences
   CEO : AV Hospitals & AVI Wellness

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