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Bhimashankar Temple - Bhavagiri
Bhimashankar Temple

About Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar is a very important pilgrimage place in Maharashtra. It is located at a distance of 50 kilometres to the northwest of Khed. Situated in the village of Bhavagiri, it is an ancient temple and enshrines Bhimashankara, which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

The place has got its name because of the origin of Bhima, a prominent river in Maharashtra. Near the origin of the river, Bhimashankar houses one of the five 'Jyotirlinga' of Maharashtra. The annual Mahashivaratri fair is held in Bhimashankar in February-March and attracts a large number of pilgrims.

Countless devotees from all over Maharashtra and from places outside the state, flock near the temple during 'Tripuri Poornima'. Bhimashankar is more popular as a tourist place than a religious one due to its extravagant beauty and breathtaking scenery.
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