Sunday, 15 October 2017


“In the last issue we have seen some of them misconceptions that a career prospect person should know and also to avoid. In this issue we will see some more questions.”

1. On what basis do the recruiters (Employer) select a person for a job?
A. You should know this and prepare yourself as a soldier. Any recruiter sees the job seeker to fit in to his position. It is like a lock and key theory. You become the key for the lock brought up by the employer. Think in such a perspective and prepare for interview always.

2. How should I answer in an interview for a Job?
A. One should always be honest in interview. Be clear about your studies, percentages, passed out years, date of birth etc in the resume. If you are fresher you need to be more precise about your skills. Express how best you can do the work and flexibility you have. Never impose any fake expressions or ideas. Never make challenges to the interviewer. If the interviewer asks about your weakness, convey it honesty whatever you have, never create weakness artificially.

3. If I am an experience person and looking for a Job, then how should I answer in an Interview?
A. If you are an experience holder, then describe your job description clearly without any hesitation. You will be asked to describe your roles and responsibilities. Then explain your projects undertaken, how did you completed them successfully etc. You can propose them that If the opportunity be given you can show them working in their company too.

4. What is the secret behind the Job offering?
A. The only secret behind the Job offering is “being compatible to the job, completing the targets in stipulated time, being regular to the job, well involved in team work and creating good work environment.

5. How to write a resume?
A. There is no any particular format of writing a resume. Prepare resume with basic information like Name, Address, Qualifications with all details, Experience (if any), projects completed, hobbies, finally with your signature. Prepare resume with correct information only. Never furnish fake information or copied projects or any other false information with respect to date of birth, academic percentages, year of degree completion etc.
In the next issue we will see “ Q&A in Marketing Jobs”

-Zahoorullah SMD
(Career Counsellor)

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