Friday, 6 October 2017

TODAY'S KALAM Career Guidance Charts for 10th Class Students available @ just 5/-

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This chart is a 14 Page Booklet. The chart is self explanatory.  Information will be in Telugu and Course Names will be in English for easy readability of Telugu Medium Students. Even easily understandable to English Medium Students. Unfortunately Soft Copy is not available.

With more than 20-30 days of hard work from our volunteers we re-modified our last year Career Guidance Charts for easy understanding of the 10th Class Students who are from Rural/Remote Villages. Last year we distributed these charts to Students where we conducted Career Guidance Sessions for 1/- and for free if they are unable to give that Rupee.

But this year in order to reach more schools and students, we decided to

·         Give these Charts at subsidized cost of Rs.5/- to anyone who is interested to distributed them in their nearest schools. So that students can read it and will try to decide their future by setting a goal and working towards it (even without our session).. So it will reach many students. We may not be able to cover all the schools in AP.  So any one who is interested can use this opportunity to spread this in your own Villages, Nearest Schools, Schools where you studied.  If you take permission then we will come to conduct a Career Guidance Session to them (If we don't have any scheduled sessions on that day). It's a 1.30 to 1.45 Hours Session.

·         You can donate amount for 50 or 100 or 150 or 200 etc., charts, so that we will distribute charts on your name in the needy schools (mostly schools in Villagers/Rural/Remote Areas/Slums) part from schools which we already planned.  So that you can indirectly help & guide students by giving very valuable information.

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