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Chintpurni Temple - Una
Chintpurni Temple

 About Chintpurni Temple

Bhagat Mai Dass was a great devotee of Goddess Durga, he along with his family migrated from Patiala to Punjab to Rapoh village in Una in Himachal. One day Bhagat Mai Dass was going to his faltha –in – law’s place. Being fatigued of walking, he slept in the jungle under a tree. A young girl appeared in a dream and she wanted him to stay there and worship her. Goddess Parvati’s feet fell at Chintpurni and Mai Dass built a temple on the site.

The image is depicted as headless as legend say the head was cut off to assuage the blood thirst of her companion. Hence the temple is called Chinmastika Devi (Goddess without a head).

The Idol of Chhina Mastaka, the destroyer of the demon Nishumbha is worshipped at Chintpurni Temple. Pilgrims come here around the year.

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