Friday, 13 October 2017


Chitragupta Temple - Northern End
Outer View

 About Chitragupta Temple

Built in early 11th century, the Chitragupta Temple situated at the extreme northern end of a row of four temples and extending from south to north is dedicated to Surya, the Sun God. Facing eastwards towards the rising sun, the temple is located about 100 yards south-east of the Chopra Tank,a deep three-storeyed stepped well that was built by the Chandelas. The only Khajuraho temple that is dedicated to Surya, the Chitragupta Temple demonstrates an evolution when compared with the Lakshmana and Vishvanatha monuments. The temple's inner sanctum has a very impressive five feet image of the sun god ,who is shown driving a seven horsed chariot. The temple shows a fair amount of signs of restorative work and is the place where most of the dance performances take place during the Khajuraho Dance.
Behind View
Inside View
Outer View1
Inside View1

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