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TODAY'S KALAM Contemplating and Asking Conscience September, 2017

Contemplating and Asking Conscience                    
 A Child is born with complete god-consciousness, when the change of falling from mother's womb into this world takes place it cries and when touched by the love of mother it feels comforted feeling joyful again. In the hands of the mother the child feels the joy it had brought along with it. When it comes across something new and it is not explained well to him he feels the fear, a natural animal instinct. Later the child sees the things around it starts liking few and disliking the other, later it feels angry when its wishes aren't fulfilled. Slowly as it enters social circle it sees the world and things in it and starts questioning and wondering about it. It feels the pains other are feeling, it wants to fight for others, it wants to enjoy the beauty in calmness and silence.
                       If all these are emotions a child goes through there are thoughts developing now and then. The thoughts which results into further questions. Answers are mostly logical, some answers go beyond his brain but he feels them or experiences them. The wider his social horizon grows the more knowledge or information enters his self. The more he knows the more he could contribute. So the balance of context of this world where he is going to live until his death and the revelations of hereafter which he has lost touch with after birth, both needs to enter a child.                                      
                          I have seen a grown up woman not able to adjust with the circumstances of multi-cultural and multi-religious society like India just because she had grown all her life in a uni -religious or uni-cultural society. This brings her to a chaos same as when the child is just born. For her this world did not exist. The separation of the child from the society, its culture, its laws, its working can result in the chaos in the existence of the child. Which results in hindrance in his functioning in this society. Most of the violent streaks and suicidal tendencies develop because of non-belonging feeling. Disrespect of other's and glorification of self happens because of this separation.
                                        When the emotional being is lost so is the logical being. When both emotional and logical being  are lost the child turns up to be a destructive force to the society. I would like to share a story of a Muslim-Identity inquisitive boy who lived in a Generous Hindu town, he would learn Quran from his father and understand Bhagvad Gita from his teacher, found the basic tenants and morals of his father's and teacher's religion to be similar, grew learning both the religions, he was loved by both the communities because of his in-depth understanding of both the scriptures, he was a unifying factor in the town of separate Muslim and Hindu Identity settlements. They were growing together in search of god but there was no technological improvement they lived in darkness in this world. One day there came a group of scientists who denied the religious perspective and started to propagate godlessness. There godlessness was not taken but their worldly knowledge was appreciated. Soon people from different settlements came together and discussed their issues and Scientists helped them with technological development. Slowly the Town became prosperous technologically. Then finally came a group of Artists and Philosophers who studied the thoughts and emotions and helped them beautify them and live in that beauty. They created a symphony of nature, god and being. They connected with the emotional being inside every human. They spread love and  their art or words were objective and meditative in nature. Everyone would see their self in an artist's expression. Their approach was different and difficult to digest logically but still the child was able to take their point of view to others as it saw through the heart.                                                                                                                                  
                          Scientists made the world better materially and Artists enhanced on its beauty making it better emotionally. Their approach to religion only leads to enhancement of knowledge further spiritually. There were always difference of opinions but that resulted in material growth, emotional stability and spiritual enlightenment which created a social bond. And so every new thought approached was respected for its diversity but the belief never changed, they were unified in humanity. They saw from each other's perspectives and respected each other for their excellence. So did anyone destroy another? No. This is an ideal possibility of existence together with multiple observations and approaches of human existence.
So while you were reading, did you ask your conscience about the rights and wrongs?
Now Contemplate.

Don't think that is different knowledge, every knowledge is on the same path,
When you hold love and start, the world is yours, and yours is God.

Nuzhath M Syed is an Education and Communication Consultant. He writes curriculums and teaches holistic methods of education. He takes simulation workshops using Theatre. He likes to go into the depth of psychology and spirituality. He is a proponent of Art Integrated Education. He is an Artist and Sufi by heart and mind.   


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