Friday, 13 October 2017


Delhi Art Gallery - Delhi

About Delhi Art Gallery

Founded in 1993, Delhi Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd. made a modest start by showcasing works of a few young and upcoming artists. The gallery is different from other galleries, as it has opted to open and diversify the art scene by breaking the monopoly of big names and mainstream centres to accommodate and collect art from regional centers. It's focus is on discovery of the talented but obscured artists who have been eclipsed by the limited perception of the way art was bought and sold till a few years from now.

Delhi Art Gallery has an ongoing commitment towards creating a greater awareness of Indian art. The gallery at the moment has an in- house research & documentation cell, with a team of Art historians.

Delhi Art Gallery is also into publishing its own books, both monographic on individual artists as well as Manifestations-that offers a sampling of the sumptuous collection. Delhi Art Gallery is also ready with a documentary on his life and art by the renowned filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta and a book on him by senior art critic Santo Datta

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