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Monuments Of Hampi - Tungabhadra
Hampi 1

About Monuments Of Hampi

Traditionally known as Pampakshetra of Kishkindha, Hampi is situated on the southern bank of Tungabhadra. Once it was the seat of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire. The monuments of Vijayanagara city, also known as Vidyanagara in honour of the sage Vidyaranya were built between AD 1336-1570, from the times of Harihara-I to Sadasiva Raya. A large number of royal buildings were raised by Krishnadeva Raya (AD 1509-30), the greatest ruler dynasty.

Temples of Hampi are noted for their large dimensions, florid ornamentation, bold and delicate carvings, stately pillars, magnificent pavilions and a great wealth of iconographic and traditional depictions, which include subjects from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The largest extant temple is that of Pampapati was extensively renovated and is worshipped even now. Its magnificent entrance tower was caused by Krishnadeva Raya.
Hampi 2
Hampi 3

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