Sunday, 22 October 2017


         The Indian rap music situation today is disappointing to say the
least. Most of the tracks we hear today are constricted to Hindi, and all
the lovely languages we've got are vastly ignored. With most of the
major rappers of the country using their talent to brag about their girls,
cars and booze, which is hard for us common folk to relate to, its high
time we let one of our own take the stage and show the world what
they've got.
                    And that’s exactly what Arvind Sharon, a 19 year old
engineering student and a budding rapper has set out to do. He is just
like us, he didn't have to cross the seven seas to get to the stage he is in
right now, but he has had minor setbacks like we do in our lives that
we all choose to ignore because they're too small to take care of. And
his story might just give you your daily dose of inspiration to follow your dreams despite having your rough edges and getting past your little flaws.
                          Arvind stammers. He has been stammering since he was a kid and had problems with languages. He initially started out as a guitarist and a vocalist, only to give it up later after struggling with it. He picked up rapping a while later, making his own renditions of famous tracks but never composed his own. When he got into college and inevitably got ragged, he started disusing them through freestyle rapping and discovered his knack for writing. He caught the attention of one of the very seniors who ragged him and they started collaborating on tracks.
Ever since then,
“Arvind has written as many as 22 songs, 7 of which have been released and are already local hits.”
What's unique about his style is that it camouflages into whatever language the man is rapping in, and he doesn’t constrict his art to one. English being his favorite language to work with, he also composes in Hindi and Telugu. "There are so many languages in the country, so many words to play with, the possibilities are endless" he would say. His dream is to become a "Linguistic Rapper" wherein he would be composing tracks in as many languages as he can manage to learn and he's already stirring the crowds up with just three. We can’t wait to see what he does next!
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Written by,

              Aravind Sharon

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