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Jaisalmer Fort - Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Fort

 About Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort casts its magical spell in the heart of every tourist. The fort was constructed by Rai Jaisala in the 12th century when he wanted a more secure place than Lodurva to serve as his capital. The fort is a symbol of an era gone by that is still alive in in its remnants. The yellow sandstone that has been extensively used in its construction makes it appear a part of the sandy region. Infact, it sometimes gives a fleeting impression that the fort itself has emerged out of the surrounding sand.

The 250 feet tall mega structure of the Jaisalmer Fort has 30 feet high crenallated walls to boost its protective coverage. There are four massive gateways that lead to the gate including Akshaya Pole, Suraj Pole, Hawa Pole and Ganesh Pole. The Suraj and the Ganesh Pole have an image of Sun and Lord Ganesh respectively at the top.
Upper View
Jaisalmer Fort 1

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