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Konark Sun Temple - Puri
Konark Temple

About Konark Sun Temple

The Sun Temple of Konark stands on a deserted stretch of coast in Orissa, overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Konark, also known as "Arka-Tirtha", is known for its temple of Lord Surya, the sun god. It is considered one of the most vivid architectural showpieces of Hindu India.

This impressive temple resembles a huge chariot with 24 huge wheels being pulled by seven horses. Great pairs of large intricately carved wheels were carved on both sides of the 4m high platform that the temple is on. There are two rows of 12 wheels on each side of the temple. Some say the wheels represent the 24 hours in a day and others say the 12 months. The seven horses are said to symbolize the seven days of the week. There is a dancing hall here, an audience hall and a high tower too. This temple was once called the Black Pagoda by sailors because it was supposed to draw ships into the shore and cause shipwrecks.
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konark temple
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