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Lakshmana Temple - Madhya Pradesh
Full Outer View

About Lakshmana Temple

Lakshmana Temple is the one of the oldest and best preserved of all the Khajuraho temples, the Lakshmana Temple is dedicated to the Vaikuntha form of Lord Vishnu. Built during the reign of Yasovarman during the period from 930-950 AD , the temple is one of the most exquistely decorated temple, covered with various images of gods and goddess in the Hindu Pantheon.

The main shrine of the temple, which faces east, is flanked by four free standing subsidiary shrines at the corners of the temple platform. Each of the corner shrines is complete in itself with a garbhgriha and an ardh mandap supported by two pillars. A flight of steps leads to a high terrace that opens to the east. Around the base of the temple is a continuous frieze that depicts scenes of battles, hunting and processions. The circular ceiling of the porch is carved in the design of a Lotus in four concentric circles while the pillars which depict Apsaras on carved brackets are among the finest of sculpture. Each bracket representing each sect of the Tantras. A profusion of erotic scenes run around the temple especially on the southern side though they make up only a small fraction of the total.
Inner View
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