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Liaquat Ali Khan
Date of Birth:Oct 1, 1896
Date of Death:Oct 16, 1951
Place of Birth:Karnal

Nawabzadah Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.He was born in Karnal, India, studied law at the University of Oxford, and was admitted to the English bar in 1922. Returning to India, he joined the All-India Muslim League in 1923 and was elected to the legislative council of the United Provinces. In 1936 he became secretary-general of the league and the chief aide to its founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As such, he was the principal architect of the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan in 1947. An obvious choice for prime minister, he guided the country through its first difficult years. He was assassinated in October 1951 under circumstances never fully explained.He was born in the town of Karnal in present-day  Haryana to a land-holding family.

Khan completed his early education at Aligarh Muslim University, and obtained a Law degree from the University of Oxford in 1921. Upon his return to India in 1923, Khan devoted himself to the Indian nationalist cause, and increasingly began to work for a Muslim state due to the injustices he felt were leveled upon Muslims by the British. In April 1933, he was married to Begum Ra'Ana Liaquat Ali Khan. He was invited to join the Indian National Congress, but refused, forming his own party. He joined the legislative council of Uttar Pradesh, and served there until 1940, when he was elevated to the central legislative assembly. During this time, Muhammed Ali Jinnah had moved to the United Kingdom, where he was disinvolved from Indian politics. Khan was instrumental in getting Jinnah back to the subcontinent, and Jinnah made Khan the secretary of the Muslim League. Thus in the 1940s, Khan was heavily involved in convincing the British of the need for a separate Muslim homeland in India. His primary emphasis was on separation from "Hindu" India, rather than on freedom from British colonialism. This work helped lead to the formation of Pakistan in 1947, and Liaquat Ali Khan was made the first Prime Minister. Liaquat Ali Khan was given the title of "Qaid-i Millat" (Leader of the Nation) by Muslim League for his great leadership and contribution to the cause of Pakistan. Khan's time as Prime Minister was cut short by an assassin's bullet. On October 16, 1951, he had been scheduled to make an important announcement in a public meeting of Muslim City League at Municipal Park, Rawalpindi. Khan was shot twice in the chest during that meeting by a man sitting in the audience's only fifteen yards away, and the security forces immediately shot the assassin, who was later identified as Saad Akbar. Killing the assassin erased all clues to the identity of the real culprit behind the murder. Upon his death, Liaquat Ali Khan was given the honorific title of "Shahid-i Millat", or "Martyr of the Nation".

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