Friday, 13 October 2017


Marbel Palace - Kolkata
Marbel Palace

About Marbel Palace

Marbel Palace of Kolkata houses an interesting collection of curios, statues & paintings. There’s a private zoo here too, but the inhabitants are only slightly more animated than the marble lions gracing the palace lawns. The Marble Palace is one of the well-maintained buildings of 19th century colonial Calcutta and is a fine example of Gothic architecture. The three-storey building has tall Corinthian pillars and Chinese pavilion type verandas on the sides. The high iron gates open out to a large circular lawn, which has an aviary and an intricately carved marble fountain at the centre; beyond are a rock garden and a statue of the Buddha.

Inside the Palace are displays of beautiful paintings, sculpture, furniture and antique urns. This collection, garnered from 90 countries around the world, is definitely not to be missed. Built in 1855, in Chorebagan the famous place of the Mullicks, it contains numerous art treasures, statues pictures and oil painting, among which two are by Reubens. There is also an original painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

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