Saturday, 14 October 2017

TODAY'S KALAM No Indian university in world's top 200


IITs and IIMs not in worlds top universities.
IIT Bombay:-
187 (2010)
225  (2011)
227 (2012)

7 china universities among top 200.
Asias top :- only 11 from India
India once again underperforming.
China - Brazil beat underperformer India.

Lack of quality research and internationalization and faculty- says survey.
Education minister questions survey criteria

Good news IITs-ranked among top 50 engineering institutes.
Delhi university -top 20 in ENG-LITERATURE and LINGUISTICS.

Among Worlds top 200 universities are Cambridge, Howard, University college of London, Oxford, Imperial college of  London, Chicago university.

Survey parameters:-
Academic reputation-40%, employer reputation-10%, faculty - student ratio- 20%, citation per faculty - 20%, International faculty and students- 10%

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