Friday, 13 October 2017


Paramparik Karigar - Mumbai

 About Paramparik Karigar

Paramparik Karigar was formed in 1996 by Roshan Kalapesi in Mumbai. The idea was mooted by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay when she was approached by a group of master craftsmen who wanted to form an organisation of their own.

Paramparik Karigar craftsmen work in materials as diverse as clay, wood, metal and cloth using skills and techniques passed down through generations. Paramparik's aim is to sculpt a significant place for Indian craft. Members are keenly aware of the need to keep their craft alive, constantly experimenting with new concepts and developing innovative designs that appeal to the modern, urban consumer while still retaining the essence of the original tradition.

Paramparik Karigar was formed to preserve and promote the traditional art and craft of our country, as well as to strive to create an environment conducive for the craftsmen to create their exquisite pieces of art.

Paramparik Karigar has also been attempting to incorporate craft as part of the education process for children in schools. Paramparik Karigar gives an opportunity to master craftsmen to bring their unique art and craft to the forefront.

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