Friday, 13 October 2017


Panjab University - Chandigarh
University View

About Panjab University

Established in 1882 at Lahore. It is an affiliating and teaching University. The assets and staff of this institution were divided after nearly half century of establishment in 1947. Those opting for India were initially migrated to Shimla, and were finally shifted in 1956 to the newly built campus at Chandigarh, the new capital of Punjab. It boasts of a good reputation as a premier university offering degree and diploma courses in the Arts, the Sciences, Commerce, Business Management, Design & Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, Education, Engineering & Technology, Languages, Law and Pharmacueutical Sciences. The university campus has all of the facilities expected of an premier institution of modern times. To mention a few of them swimming pool, gymnasium, conference facilities, network of hostels for students, residential flats for sttaff, market, stadiums, student centre (cafeteria and general place for gathering for students) etc. The entire complex is worth seeing because not only the architectural lay out but also the buildings are designed to reflect the soul of the arcvhitectural aesthetics of the pioneer designers and visioners of this city beautiful. It is at once both spacious and tranquil and puts one in a mood of contemption. Among some of the major attractions as a visitor are Gandhi bhawan and Student's Centre while a trip on the spacious roads of whole of the campus is also worth fulfilling.
Panjab University 1
Gate No.1
Panjab University 2

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