Saturday, 7 October 2017


Rock Fort Temple - Trichirappalli
Side View

 About Rock Fort Temple

The Rock Fort temple at Tiruchirappalli or Trichy is said to have three main temples that include the Manikka Vinayaka temple at the foot of the hill, the Uchhi Pillayar Koyil at the top of the hill and the Taayumaanava Koyil or Shivastalam on the hill. However, the Shivastalam is most prominent of all. This rock-cut temple can be reached by a flight of steps and is on the way to the famous Ucchi Pillaya temple at the top. It enshrines Kangaala Moorthy, one of the 64 manifestations of Shiva. The 83 m high Rock Fort is perched atop the only outcrop in city that rises abruptly towering over the city. It is said that the rock is about 3,800 million years old and is one of the oldest in the world. It is said to be made up of quartz and felspar. To reach the temple at its summit, one has to climb the 344 steps hewn out of rock. The inscriptions at the top date back to 3rd century B.C. The surrounding walls are now in ruins but the Main Guard Gate is still intact.
Long View

Working View

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