Tuesday, 17 October 2017

TODAY'S KALAM SAC NGO September, 2017


SAC has been part of multiple programs that involved bringing change in educational
systems, empowering youth, bringing revolution in agriculture. Here is a glimpse of the programs so
far. Some of them are

  •  My lip Nellore Program – A five day program which involved 120+ students from various parts of AP. Society development and educational improvement has been the prime focus in the meeting.

  • My lip Hyderabad Program – A similar program conducted like the above except for the part that the focus was on helping Slums.
  • Summer camp – A 12 day program held for improving the computer skills, English language and moral values in orphans, held at Nellore Child Ashram.
  • Maa Uriki Randi – A one day program held with the focus on including Agriculture in the education system, held at Vikas Vidhya Vanam, Vijayawada.

  • Haritha Vanam – Another one day program held for making Gandhiji' s Nayeethalem principles as a part of the present education, held at Haritha Vanam, Palavancha, Khammam.
  • Nayeethalem – A four day national wide program with main motto of Implementing Nayeethalem in all the educational institutions, held at Sevagram, Gujarat.
  • Two day program held at different places in AP focused on integrating likeminded people who would like to join hands with SAC.
  • Agriculture related to program to introduce Organic farming in our villages, held at Hyderabad.
  • SAC has organized and been part of multiple other programs intended to help and revolutionize various activities. Many more are still in plans.

Till now we have succeeded in
·         Reduction of child labor
·         Reduction in child marriages
·         Increasing educational levels among villages
·         Creating awareness among people regarding their children’s future.

Let us put our hands together and serve India.”

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