Friday, 13 October 2017


 Somnath Temple - Gujrat
Somnath Temple

About Somnath Temple

One of the twelve most sacred Shiva shrines in India, is the legendary shore temple of Somnath. It is a pilgrimage centre held in great reverence throughout India. The temple is situated 79 kilometres from Junagadh and 25 kilometres from Chorwad. According to the legend, Somnath is as old as creation, built by none other than the Moon God himself.

It is believed that he had built this temple with gold. Later it was built by Ravana in silver, then Lord Krishna in wood and Bhima in stone. The Somnath temple also houses the remains of the ancient Sun temple.

Somnath was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Lunch is available here in the simple dining hall in the temple compound, north of the main gate. One cannot get the cameras inside.
Temple Night View

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