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Interested members can contact Mr.Shanti (Copied in CC) or Cell: 09440.345.670
SUB: Support Healthy Marriage : Interested

After reviewing below details, if you have interested in supporting healthy marriage by giving 10 minutes / month of your time, do respond with your details / queries to
Email:, Cell: 9440.345.670 (Mon – Fri after 7 PM, Sat/Sun – Anytime).  Please ignore, if not interested.

a.     Delhi Govt. Provides Free Pre-Marriage Counseling Since 2008 (Tel:011-23370146, Mon-Fri : 9:30AM-6:00PM)
b.    A.P. Police Recommends Pre-Marriage Counseling
1.    What : Healthy Marriage
Driving License Preparation
1.   Education
Friends, television, internet, newspapers, magazines, …
Traffic rules, signs, medical fitness, Motor Vehicles Act, …
Textbooks, model papers, homework, notebooks, …
Education (PME)
2.   Coaching /
Training /
Intelligent & consistent practice, parental support, …
Learner’s test, Driving school, driving test, trusted friend, …
School, home tuition, 1st, 2nd, 3rd unit tests, quarterly, half-yearly, pre-final, final tests, …
Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC), Knowing Each Other & Health Evaluation
3.    Caution
Avoid match fixing, ball tampering, drugs, bad behavior, …
Avoid fake license, medical fitness, age, proof of residence, …
Avoid copying, paper leaking, …
 Verification (PMV)
Guided By
Cricket Coach
Licensed trainer
Pre-Marriage Counselor / Clinical Psychologist
End Result
Driving License
"Marriage is the foundation of the family and the family is the foundation of society: if we strengthen marriage, we strengthen the family, we strengthen the children and we strengthen the community. If your goal is to help improve the world, marriage is as good a place as any to start." -  Sollee

2.    Why : Supporting Healthy Marriage

3.    How: Knowing Each Other Before Marriage
Intelligence, values, character, ethics & morals, Interests, expectations about roles, energy level, personal habits, use of money, verbal skills & interests, social & economic background of family, formal education, views about power distribution within the family, desired number of children, when to start a family, views on child-rearing, political philosophy, views about smoking, alcohol and drugs degree of involvement with in-laws, sense of humor, time to spend together, punctuality, desire for verbal intimacy and ability to be intimate, conflict management, anger management, how relationship with the opposite sex should be handled, expected amount of privacy and rules for its use, level of ambition, life goals, attitudes about weight, religious and spiritual beliefs and preferences, when to go to sleep and get up, television programs preferred, degree of religious involvement, family spiritual involvement, hobbies and interests, type of music enjoyed, energy level for physical activities, activity during meals, amount of income to be spent and saved, how money should be allocated, social responsibility, degree of risks to be taken with investments, attitudes about cleanliness, ways of handling sickness, health standards and checkups interpersonal and social skills, type and extent of social involvement preferred, geographical area in which to live, size and style of house, type of furniture and decorations, amount and type of travel preferred, way to spend vacations, way to spend major holidays, intimacy, drive and interests.                                                                                  
4.    Pre-Marriage Counseling in Hyderabad
Dr. K. Niranjan Reddy
Roshni Counselling Centre
Address: 326 "Laxmi Nilayam", 2nd Lane after Grand Kakatiya, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016
Call:  +91 40 6666 1117 +91 40 6666 1118, 10 am to 7 pm(Monday to Saturday)
5.    Few Members Supporting Us
“I congratulate the team. This book is a great contribution to the society particularly to youth. This book is „a must and should? read for youths and parents.”
– Dr. N.B. Sudershan, MBA, Ph.D. (Human Values), National Coordinator, Lead India 2020 Foundation,
“This book is well written and explains everything you really need to know to make the most important decision in life: “Choosing Mr./Ms. Right”. This book is a must-read for anyone who likes to eliminate the luck factor when choosing a marriage partner.” – Mr. Gaurav Upadhyay, B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
“The team is genuinely committed to find and suggest practical solutions and strategies for healthy marriage. Institution of marriage is explored with the highest level of integrity. What struck me again is the remarkable clarity. The structure of the book is also designed in a systematic manner. In short, here is an invaluable map of a marvelous marriage. I am sure it is compulsive reading for all.” - Prof. M. Sivarama Krishna, Former Chairperson, Dept. of English, Osmania University
“This book is an exceptionally informative read with an exhaustive set of practices that should be followed before tying the knot. It introduces a remarkably scientific and organized approach towards making one of the most important decisions in any person?s life.”  – Abhishek Kumar, B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai
“This book is apt for the youth before choosing the right marriage partner. It is a perfect guide in identifying the issues and concerns that worry young persons before marriage. It is practical and useful for parents as well.” – Dr. Ana Matthew, Ph.D., MSW, Principal, Roda Mistry College of Social Work
“A must read for anyone before getting married. I will highly encourage my friends and family to read this book.” – Rama Yanegalla, MS, BE (OU), Frisco, USA.
“A life changing book with incredible clarity that gives a simple, but practical approach to choose Mr./Ms,Right and achieve a happy, healthy, and satisfying marriage. A must read for adults and young people” – Anil Kesari, B.Tech, College of Engineering, Roorkee.

Thanks & Regards,
Shanti Swaroop
Cell: 09440.345.670

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