Friday, 13 October 2017


Tirupati Temple - Chittoor
Lower Tirupati

About Tirupati Temple

The temple of Tirupati Balaji in south India is one of the most revered and sacred shrines in the country. Millions of devotees visit the temple to seek to blessings of Lord Vishnu-the patron deity of the temple. The Tirupati Temple is situated in Tirupati town which is 67-km from Chittoor in Chittoor district, the southern portion of Andhra Pradesh.

The shrine is a unique example of the Dravidian architecture. The temple has an exquisitely carved Gopuram facing the east. The Vimana is completely covered with the gold plate, Ananda Nilayam.
Tirupati Idols
Tirupati Chariot
Tirupati Gopuram

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