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                                 ABHAYA CARE FOUNDATION

“There is a tremendous lack of awareness and misunderstanding about Autism and other learning disabilities among medical professionals, who may either misdiagnose or under diagnose the condition.”

To provide special education and vocational training to the special needs individuals so that they can attain their full potential to lead satisfying life and be as independent as possible.

To Provide comprehensive care and quality support services for individuals with Special Needs.           

Humble Beginnings

        When Ms. Sindhuma had trouble finding the right support at school to train her son with basic life skills, she realized she had
 to do something drastically different. She began home-schooling her
son and worked on him with a team of special educator, a
 physiotherapist and speechtherapist and found that together they made
 small wins. With the thought of sharing these wins with other parents
 who go through similar situations, Sindhu ma garu along with her 
husband, Mr. Vallabhaneni KrishnaKUMAR garu and her friends
 established Abhaya Care Foundation and started  
Autism Research & Multidisciplinary School (ARMS)
in June 2010. She closely monitors day-to-day activities at school
 and supports the staffwith daily challenges. In 2015 June they Started another ARMS in Patamata, Vijayawada.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” - Sindhu Ma
    Autism Research & Multidisciplinary School (ARMS)

                                                 It is a day-time school for children and young adults with special needs, mainly autism spectrum disorders and other conditions such as Downs, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other behavioral challenges.

  Role of Teachers
  • ·         Teachers are specially trained for working in these type of organizations.
  • ·         They are instructed to be very strict in delivering their charges.
  • ·         They require a lot of will power and patience in transforming the child.

Current situation of special needs in India:
·         The needs of special children in India are not being met in either the regular or  special cases like education systems due to lack of trained special educators and therapists.
·         In addition, to that  there are not enough services to meet the needs of these children as they are not explored.
·         This field also faces the problem of retaining good professionals and therapists in the country as it is highly difficult for working with love and patience towards them.
·         Parents are not ready to accept, as they feel it as guilty they are joining their children in regular schools.

     We shouldn’t deny cases due to disabilitiesKumar garu 

Activities in Abhaya care foundation :
  • All cases are acceptable.
  •  No age limit restrictions for joining us.
  • Engaging the children with volunteers on interaction sessions.
  • Promoting cultural harmony by conducting festivals.
  • Providing confidence to children that the can survive in the existing world by training them with abilities.
  • While training them we should interact with them regularly, so that we can have better improvement
  • General checkups with regular intervals are conducted including MUSIC THERAPIES

Responsibility of society :
                        Well if this is the society that is made by ‘normal’ people, then we are the ones who are disabled as we cannot fight for the change . It’s we who feel handicapped when it comes even for raising our voice for a social cause, we should support them in all the possible ways , so that they are not subjected to any uncomfortable in the society.
Rizwan Syed

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