Tuesday, 31 October 2017

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT - Margam Lakshmi October, 2017

Success Journey of Margam Lakshmi  

Lakshmi Annapurna alias Margam Lakshmi a
Business woman and Social Worker  is Famous for her
 Margam  Foundation in Vijayawada and Guntur.
Let us briefly know more about her

Birth and Education
      She was born in Guntur. Her parents are K. Vasudeva Rao and K. Hymavathi and had two siblings one younger sister i.e.,
Anu Radha ( Choclate manufacturer ) and one Elder brother i.e.,
Mr. Lakshman Swamy ( SAP Faculty ). She completed her 10th
Class in Guntur. After completion of 10th class when she was 16
She got married.
           In childhood she used to go to Siddha Samadhi yoga and
She Is service minded from  her childhood.

Family and Business
She got married when she was 16 years old too early . Her
Husband name is Ravi Chand and had only one son he is A. Prem Krishna.
13 years ago the couple started their clothes business. In Besant road she is is first woman to start Business. Now she has two famous clothes showrooms. They are Vasantha Grand and Vasantha Silks.

Margam :

 Margam was started in September, 2013. The main reason
 that it was starts was for Traffic. Later on it went to many
 projects. Margam Lakshmi she has completed her 
Photography inHyderabad and with service mind she 
started MargamFoundation. For that she has taken 
Transforrmational courseon ontology in Hyderabad. First 
she started Margam as 3months project as to give awareness
on Traffic.That project name is Gamyam.
In June, 2014 she started a Poster free campaign in

   Gamyam :                                    
Margam Lakshmi with her volunteers conducts traffic awareness sessions in Schools and colleges.
My Street
It is a poster free campaign. They had Successfully Completed in 131 Spots in both Vijayawada and Guntur.

Akali : In this they distributed food to the needy
Akshara Samskar : School Kit Distrribution
   Fun Club : Physical Activity
Achievements and Feliciations
  • ·         She Got Best NGO award in in Guntur.
  • ·         CM has given 3 to 4 appreciations.
  • ·         She got “Best Women Award” on Women’s day.
  • ·         She got feliciations by Vasavi clubb, Rotary club in vijayawada
  •        In Guntur She gor felicitation in BH college and Hindu college of PG.

            Inspiration : Parents, Mother Theresa and she is motivated in her school. 

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