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Careers in Engineering November, 2017

Careers in Engineering
1.       What is Engineering and who are Engineers?
  Prof. Zahoorullah.S.MD.
Ans: Engineering is the study of particular problem in science and to give solution by designing a model mathematically, logically and in terms of ‘material’ there by delivering a product useful for the mankind.  Engineers are the people who are involved in designing a process and method. Engineers often create, innovate, design and develop any kind of process or method. 
2.       What are the qualities of an Engineer?
Ans: To become an Engineer, one should have passion and interest. Creative thinking, ability to discover & innovate, mathematical, logical and reasoning knowledge are the qualities of an Engineer. One should have the ability to study any problem in deep by deducing several solutions and also troubleshoot them. Design and developing is the important character or a quality of an Engineer.
3.       Which Engineering branch is the best?
Ans: There is no any such a branch called as best or worst. All the Engineering branches or specializations are the best. Select the branch according to your interest eg; Aeronautical, Biomedical, Polymer Engineering, Textile Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Space and Biotech Engineering.
4.       Whether there is a high demand for ECE, IT, CSE, EEE, Mechanical and Civil Engineering courses?
Ans: As I told you there is no such a demand for these courses every time or exclusively. There is a wide misconception among the people that these courses are in demand always. It is because, most of the Indian states consisting of Engineering colleges are offering with these courses only. The Managements of Engineering colleges have broadly focused on providing  placements/job opportunities for these courses and also the impact of “software jobs” with any specialization of Engineering course.
5.       What are the features of an Engineer?
Ans: An Engineer can do multi disciplinary works. With his intense knowledge and wisdom, he is a person with perfect psychological normal being. He is capable to balance both his personal and career life. He has the ability to thoroughly study on any problem, makes a complete research analysis, can differentiate and prepares pros & cons. He can able to manage any project, manpower, administration, and even reaching the targets within stipulated time.
“Engineer is a person who performs the Engineering of Human beings” –by  Prof. Zahoorullah.S.MD.

         (to be continued…)

  Prof. Zahoorullah.S.MD.

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