Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Pearson Test of English November, 2017

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. PTE is a computer-based academic English language test. This test is accepted in Australia, This test is preferred if a student is looking for his further education and work permit. These days some of the universities in Canada started accepting score of PTE .Score issued within 48 working hours and valid for 2 years.
PTE consists of listening, reading, and speaking and writing modules in which exam is conducted via computer in a single 3-hour test session.
During the three-hour test, session there will be three main parts to the test:
1.       Speaking and Writing (together),
2.       Reading
3.        Listening

PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77 – 93 minutes)

·         Personal Introduction
·         Read aloud
·         Repeat sentence
·         Describe image
·         Re-tell lecture
·         Answer short question
·         Summarize written text

·         Essay (20 mins)
     PART 2: READING (32 – 41 minutes)
·         Multiple-choice, choose single answer
·         Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
·         Re-order paragraphs
·         Reading: Fill in the blanks
·         Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks
A 10 min break is optional.

PART 3: LISTENING (45 – 57 minutes)

·         Summarize spoken text
·         Multiple choice questions
·         Fill the blanks
·         Highlight the correct summary
·         Multiple choice questions
·         Select missing word
·         Highlight incorrect words
·         Write from dictation
Even though PTE got many sections, it is very easy to score.
Now the question arises whether to choose PTE or IELTS. Both have their own pattern of examination. The only advantage of writing PTE is that you can get the results in 48 hours whereas; IELTS takes 13 working days to deliver your results. IELTS is globally accepted which means that IELTS has wide range of acceptance when compared to PTE.
                                                                                                           Moqtar Ali


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