Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Random Some POETRY November, 2017

Wayward nature of life
Baffles me to no end!
Is it really no honey without money?
When you do some things
Seemingly correct to you
You always think so correct..!
Everything looks corrupt to you?
If I wish to speak
Why you make me mute?
I am tired… talking to myself
So many things to do!
Only one life??
Lots of memorabilia in attic
Which gave you right to feel
You are always correct!
Reminds me something
A fable… “ God never lies”
But God never listens as well!!
But I know my dear!
It’s not easy changing your mind
However much you renovate an old mind

Past mistakes appear here and there!!

Dear Friends.. 
This is big and this I never expected in my life. with this I entered #BBC100WomanChallenge ... Oh.. vowww.. Please view it, share it widely, discuss it, tag it, like it or comment it.. every action of yours might help my kids get the visibility. 
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--Sai Padma 
#GlobalAID #BBCcoverage #Literacy

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