Monday, 25 December 2017

Careers in Engineering December, 2017

Careers in Engineering
Prof. Zahoorullah.S.MD.

1.       How was the Engineering course designed?

       Which books should I have to refer to study engineering?
Ans: The course was designed to make up with all the ‘qualities’ and ‘features’. That means for information, knowledge and intellectuality improvement, number of subjects were being introduced. There were nearly 45 different subjects which will increase the intellectual ability of a person, each subject syllabus was designed in research oriented manner flanking with international authored book references.
Ans : Never refer ‘ALL IN ONE’ text books. Refer the books mentioned in the syllabus copy of your university. Read different authored text books. Prefer International authored books always.
3.       How are the job opportunities in engineering?
Ans : There are plenty of job opportunities in Engineering. Every Engineering course was assumed after the development of the industries in that particular branch or course. The courses were not introduced fictionally. They have historical backgrounds and manpower requirement also well developed. But the vacancy requirements may change and the job opportunity depends not only on this factor but many factors like establishment of industries (in that particular course/branch) both in private and government sector, market demand and persistence of the industries etc.   

4.       How to study engineering course?
Ans : One should study Engineering course by following their teachers and attending classes everyday, performing labs, attending seminars, presenting papers in seminars, conferences, attending skill development classes, undergoing mock viva and interviews, visiting industries, attending workshops, performing real time project works in R&D, Industry and academia. And many more….
5.       Now-a-days students are not studying any engineering course properly. What is the reason and how to overcome it?
Ans: Yes it is true. It depends on the college management, teachers and also the students background like number of merit oriented students present in a class. Professors should be highly qualified with PhD minimum criteria and also vast experience. Due to number of colleges and universities in Engineering for the last 20 years there is huge availability of professors with vast experience and high qualifications in India. Prefer a college to study based on these criteria. And there are many other requirements so on…  

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