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HUMAN RIGHTS DAY December, 2017

Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on 10th  December. It commemorates the day in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The formal inception of Human Rights Day dates from 1950, after the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V) inviting all States and interested organizations to adopt 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day.

         “Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always.” aims to promote and raise awareness of the two Covenants on their 50th anniversary. The year-long campaign revolves around the theme of rights and freedoms — freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear — which underpin the International Bill of Human Rights are as relevant today as they were when the Covenants were adopted 50 years ago.


                The day is celebrated by organizing the political conferences, meetings, exhibitions, cultural events, debates and many more programs to discuss all the issues of human rights. Several governmental, civil and nongovernmental associations actively take part in the human rights event celebration.

                Human rights day is celebrated by deciding a particular theme to make this celebration more effective and successful. Human poverty in any country is the greatest human rights challenge. One of the major goals of celebrating the human rights day is to eradicate the poverty from the life of human being and help them in getting the well being life. Various other programs including music, drama, dance, fine art and etc are held focusing to help people to learn their rights.

                Human rights day is the worldwide observance celebrated by the people all across the world to get the real rights for the human beings. This day is celebrated to improve the physical, social, cultural and spiritual well being and welfare of the vulnerable group of people globally.

Some of the important reasons of why do we celebrate and objectives are:

·         To promote the awareness about human rights among the people all around the world.
·         To emphasize the endeavors of the United Nations General Assembly in order to progress the overall human rights conditions.
·         To get together and celebrate in cooperation to discuss and highlight the specific issues of the human rights.


·         Theme of 2012 was “Inclusion and the right to participate in public life” and “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.
·         Theme of 2013 was “20 Years: Working for Your Rights”.
·         Theme of 2014 was “Celebrating 20 years of changing lives through Human Rights”.

Ø  No matter how pathetic or pitiful, every human is fated to have one moment in their lives in which they can change their own destiny.
Ø  Health is a human necessity; health is a human right.
Ø  An injustice committed against anyone is a threat to everyone.

Human Rights Day in India

In India,  National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has been constituted under Human Right Act 1993. This has been the milestone of promotion and protection of human rights in Indian society. In India the celebration of Human Rights Day on  December 10th , gives us an opportunity to judge the accountability to human rights standards. The day is also celebrated to promote the universal human rights: to live and to do so peacefully.  Human Rights issues in India relate to trafficking of women and children, food security, right to education and health, disappearance of persons, displacement of persons due to disasters, conflicts and development, child labor, custodial deaths, violation of Human
Rights in prisons and the disabled etc. On these issues, the 
Commission is not only dealing with individual cases but also issuing policy guidelines for implementing agencies.

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