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NGO - NATURE December, 2017

              NATURE is an action oriented developmental organization established in December, 1992 and operating in North Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh under the team of three decades experienced professionals and activists headed by Founder Director S.Balaraju.


    NATURE Organization having 25 years of experience in facilitating various capacity building trainings to CBO’s, PRI and PESA functionaries, front line workers of government various line departments and schemes, organized thousands of thematic and secotral workshops, consultations, studies, rapid assessments, IEC campaigns, networking with CSO’s and Government Departments, three decades of field exposures at Micro to Macro Level in the areas of Governance, Tribal Empowerment, Community Health Initiatives, Livelihoods Enhancement, Skill & Vocational
Preparedness, Promotion of Millets and Entrepreneurships, Youth & Leadership Trainings, Advocacy Campaigns including Right Based Approaches, Strategies, Leading SDG’s Campaigns, Gender Governance and Faculty for ETC’s for different locations collaboration with UNICEF, INGO’s Save the Children, DKA-Austria, NEG-FIRE, PHFI, Family Health International-360, Child Fund India, Child line India Foundation, Microcredit for Mothers, and Government various Line Departments etc., NATURE and Apex Bodies having low cost Residential Training facilities in North Coastal Districts of AP and Functional CSO Networks, Convergence with National Flagship Programs in State of Andhra Pradesh and South.

Mission & VISION
           NATURE is a non-governmental, voluntary organization dedicated to the enhancement of tribal, Dalit and rural communities, with a strong focus on women and children, by helping them to develop self-confidence, self-reliance, social awareness and integrity on democratic lines.
            NATURE is committed to helping tribal communities to protect and conserve their natural resources and promote the safeguarding of the environment in Eastern Ghats.
             NATURE strongly believes that the real integration and awakening of people is a pre-requisite for the sociologically acceptable, economically and environmentally lines of sustainable development.

             NATURE also believes and strives to promote a comprehensive and sustainable development of human society and environment by building a harmonious relationship with cultural, socio-economic and ecological links involving the integration of human beings and the environment.

Activities of NATURE :

*     Tribal Empowerment & Realization of Rights and Entitlements.
*     Community Development and Education.
*     Supporting Livelihood Enhancement through Skill building and value addition – Agriculture and Millets Promotion.
*     Demonstrating Pilot Initiatives towards n Women Empowerment and Child  Rights Protection.
*     Community Health Education Innovations, Knowledge Dissemination and Management.
*     HIV/AIDS Prevention, Counseling and Community based Care & Support .
*     Youth Empowerment and Sports for Development .                          
*     Promotion of Science and Technology .

*     Networking of CBO’s, Federations & NGO’s for Civil Society Collectives and Campaigns.


NATURE believes in Potential Development of the Civil Societies and Manpower and for this exclusive brand the Capacity Building of various institutions is undertaken along with the Young Professions, Interns, Graduate Summer Placements and lobbies for placements with the leading development institutions whilst absorbing some of the potential post graduates in the belief that the study opportunities are not uniform and the opportunity alone makes the people skill bent.
          With this in view the organization encourages the volunteer placements for short, medium and
long durations in the areas of Capacity Building, Training & Development, Micro Enterprises, Vocational Trades, Livelihoods and Science Promotion for the benefit of the community branches and as of now considerable segments of the people are benefited and placed in various disciplines. The volunteer aspirations are requested to contact the project office.

Awards and Acheivements:

·         “PARTIVATAN INSPIRE AWARD - 2017” and Award of Excellence in Social Significance for meritorious accomplishments and Outstanding Contribution to the communities and Society in the areas of Environment Development, Health & Wellness and Empowering Vulnerable Marginalized Communities in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The Award Presented by Britt World Wide (BWW) Global Pvt. Ltd and Global Success Foundation at Madras University.
·         “JEWEL OF INDIA AWARD” for “Education and Socio-Economic Development” and “Certificate of Excellence” through ”International Institute of Education and Management – New Delhi” for outstanding services in Community Empowerment and Development.
·         Appreciation Award by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu, Govt.of Andhra Pradesh for Services in North Coastal Districts - during Hudhud Cyclone Relief – 2014
·         State Level Best NGO Award - 2013 by APSACS, Govt. of AP.
·         My Frame 2010 UNICEF Awarded for Children as Media Producers  (CAMP) by UNICEF & Central University, Hyderabad
·         Best Award NACO-SACS for community care center 10 Bedded Facility for HIV Positives for Care and Support in Tribal and Rural Areas.
·         Best TI Implementing Partner and Graded ‘A’ in NACP-II & III Evaluations
·         Best Tribal Development Organization by Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
·         NATURE Director Appointed as a Member in Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR), in United Andhra Pradesh Vide G.O.M.S.No.11 dated 19-02-2014. (2014-2017) and completed tenure officiating as In-charge Chairperson.
·         NATURE Secretary Appointed as a Chairperson for Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (APSCPCR), vide G.O.Ms.No.12 dated 18.08.2017 by Govt. of AP (for the period of 3 years - from August, 2017 to 2020)
·         NATURE one of the Active Member in Various Statutory Committees at State and District Level along with facilitating pilot interventions - demonstrations as a lead partner 

Leading and Facilitating Non-Governmental Interventions in North Coastal Districts of AP for UNICEF, APACR, RVM/SSA, Medical and Health, Women and Child, Forest Department, NIMR, ASCI, DKA Austria, Save the Children, NEG FIRE, PHFI, FHI etc.   


Contact Address of NATURE


Office : Padmapuram Road, Arakuvalley
             Visakhapatnam District – 531 149
Mobile No : 9440131561 / 9441825181
E-Mail   :
website :

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