Monday, 25 December 2017

Woes of Indian Wheelchair!! - Poetry December, 2017

under weight of its master..
murmuring yet dutiful
the old loyal servant wheelchair
wheelchair says; how I wish
to faithfully serve
just to take my master places
so many places… with so many steps
why I was denied access???
why I can’t go everywhere???
I have no access to places
my master has no access to life…
whey am I restricted to do my duty
powerful and possessive steps
sometimes I need to two people
sometimes ten….
with no dignity to maintain
where do I go do i ?
I am tired of trying to take my master
similarly my master tired of his life
so here I retired of re-trying
oh..India..the land of high culture
spirituality overflowing…
where has gone the respect for human beings??
on wheelchairs…??
the land of destiny…but ours written by some
of insensitivity, negligence and sheer inertia
like bodies of our masters..
people don’t look at the
daily grind we undergo…
bearing the wear and tear
on the bumpy roads…
some times I feel..
I want to take rest in India…
but when I cant stop my duty..
when half india is like disabled…
with lot of hopes..smiles..on life
how can I stop?
let the wheel wheels…as long as there is life occupying it!!
to embrace life with positive mind!!
Let the whole world go cripple without thinking them!
I will still remain faithful, loyal as ever!!!
Let me navigate thru this inaccessible world!!
for a better and able tomorrow!!

                                                       --Written by Sai Padma,

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