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Careers in Engineering January, 2018

1.      My parents have pressurized me to join ECE course even-though I am interest in CSE. What should I have to do?
      Ans:  It is always better if parents prefer student choice to pursue any Engineering branch. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, is you can select any branch as all branches have equal opportunities. Secondly, if the student has interest he can able to succeed well in his chosen area. It is better to slide over the interested branch or in case can’t be done, then try to learn the selected branch slowly with sheer hard work and remember to read any branch with enthusiasm without difficulty.

2.      What are the “Core branches in Engineering”? Should I have to prefer always or join “core branches” to study?
Ans: There is no such word called “core branch”. It is one of the misconception and a blunder mistake usually people do. Even the Professors of engineering are classifying Engineering in to “Core branches and Non-core branches”. The meaning of core branches is ECE,EEE,Mech, Civil and CSE, which is not true. All branches of Engineering are core and are equally important. One should know and learn that BTech/BE has many specializations. The most popular ones chosen by students or preferred are those mentioned above. The preference was given to those branches as they have jobs established in Government sector since from many years. But the present scenario was changed. Many companies were established, more manpower is required and the jobs in every branch are available.

3.      In Intermediate examinations, I have scored maximum marks with 10/10 GPA but I have failed in my First year exams of BTech (CSE) in Engineering Physics subject. Why I could not able to pass and how can I rectify myself?

Ans: It happened because most of students have the culture of “by- heart study” in Intermediate study. Many corporate colleges have made students without any application knowledge. One should learn by analyzing the subject and writing on their own sentence formation.There is no proper development of students with respect to Writing, Listeneing, Speaking and Reading skills in Intermediate/10th class education in India. On the other hand Engineering Education is quite different which require subject analyzation. You have to refer and read different text books for each subject, prepare notes on your own and produce it in the examination.

4.      What are the methods to score maximum marks in Engineering?
Ans: In Engineering as told one needs to prepare a note on your own referring different text books. Never refer All in One books. Improve your Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading skills in that appropriate subject and topic. Then review the topics, give seminar on the subject in the class room. Refer journals and internet material (online books only) on different topics. There should be “Intellectual Knowledge” improvement to be required in Engineering. Subject Intellectuality gives you strong foundation. It should be connected to lab experiments too.  

5.      The experiments performed in the lab by me are not properly understandable. I am forgetting the previous semester lab experiments and the subject too. How to overcome this problem?
Ans: Irrespective of schooling and intermediate education, Engineering requires Lab experiments to do and implement. It is equally important along with subject knowledge. Most of the students neglect but it is the area where most of them do the mistake. Always hone your lab skills and do the experiments with your instructor help. Review and revise the experiments in every semester or at home. This will improve your application knowledge; this is what the Engineer requires. This will ease the projects to be performed in the last year of Engineering Course and also while doing the job.   

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