Sunday, 28 January 2018

GAA 2017 Print Media Awards January, 2018


On 10th December,  Successfully launched the Media protocols to the journalist when they are writing articles and special stories on Victims of Human Trafficking. This book was released by Sri. Budda Prasad AP Deputy Speaker, Padmasri Turlapati Kutumba rao Senior Journalist Editor, Sri Ambati Anjaneyulu IJF national Vice President, Sri. Brahamiah Journalist Union Leader and SCPCR Members Sri Gandhi Babu, Sri Sannasi Appa Rao, and Smt Padmalatha, CWC Krishna dist Chairperson Sri Nagesh attended as guests...
After launching they distributed GAA 2017 Print Media Awards to the Journalist friends at TANA bhavan, Vijayawada on the occasion of International Human Rights Day..

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