Sunday, 28 January 2018

Knowledge of Life January,, 2018

                         The Knowledge of the world around, the knowledge of self, the knowledge of interaction of the self with the world is the basic division of knowledge. All this comprises of the knowledge of life. I would love to minimize my explanation of the knowledge and intellectual understanding of it and initiate into the process of finding this knowledge called Life. Life of Human, is it just from the day we were born to  the day we die, is it just the family and society the human lives in this world, the mysteries and chemistries of the world, the nature around it and the coexistence with it or Life of Human, is the question of where it came from, where I am travelling towards, what is beyond death, who created me, why was I created. Life is a beautiful abstract created or evolved as you want to call it based on your beliefs. Or if you are a seeker know from Life itself. Like I always try to know from life itself. How do we reach to this knowledge. Finding and observing life. Life in me is proved by the breathe that came inside me and stays until I die. The knowledge of my life is hidden in that breathing method. The mind, Intellect, the soul, Intelligence and the body, physical being has so much knowledge hidden inside it. There are different methods to know yourself logicians would want to cut open and see the working of it, seekers just go inside through contemplation and believers turn towards god for answers.Human is all in one logician, seeker and believer. Scientists, Artists and Saintly people reach out to their complete potential to reach to this knowledge. A scientist is definitely a seeker and a believer, an artist is definitely a logician and a believer and a saint is definitely a seeker and a logician. So every human is a polymath in his complete potential.
                       I would love to share a story as through stories I have learnt to express my knowledge of everything. I was sitting in my balcony one day and was observing around when I  saw the pot in my green garden giving a glow of yellow. I was so happy to observe the plant I was watering for last one week has given a bud of flower. I just admired it's beauty and could see the thorns around it giving the flower a path to grow. I just sat there and philosophized the happening. I was keen to see what this plant was going to teach me in next few days. I was observant every day. Two days passed and the flower had fully grown and was spreading it's fragrance around. I was also one of its benefactors. Two more days passed and it slowly started withering. I was sad for its passing away. I could see how the flower has grown and done its job and was slowly dying. Next day morning when I woke up I saw another bud blooming and I was happy again for that bud has arrived but there was also a tinge of pain for the old flowers falling down. It fell into the mud and started drying. I was happy for the new flower and momentarily the old flowers passing away gave me a slight worry. But when it fell and started drying in the mud it came from I could visualize its purpose fulfilled. If the garden would have been public there would have been multiple people learning from it. Then in few days the other flowered withered too and in its place few new leaves started merging with a hope that there will be more flowers.
As a philosopher, artist or storyteller I was able to see one kind of knowledge emerging out of a life. Similarly if other kind of observers see the same life they would come up with their versions of knowledge, botany in it, morphology, aromachology, and what not.

           I admire the way life teaches different people differently so everything we learn is a part of life's teachings. Experiences, Circumstances, Choices, Decisions, Social Responsibility, Birth and Death, War and Peace, Evil and Good, Sadness and Joy, Greed and Satisfaction etc. The Life has made me one kind and I would become what my heart likes, what god likes, what my moral being accepts. What are you? How are you dealing with your life and it's challenges, how is life treating you, what has it taught you, why not learn life from teachers and guides who know it better than you. Life is one book which has all knowledge. To know it let us learn from different teachers and give our life our own meaning which will fulfill our purpose of existence. And while doing all this one thing that I remind you from my life's teachings, "Never hurt a heart, that is where love resides and love is god, love is discoverable truth, love is infinite art."

"Ishq hai dil ki dhadkan wo zindagi hai, wo lamhdud fan wahi haq wo bandagi hai."                                                                                                                                                           

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