Sunday, 28 January 2018

Poetry January, 2018

I want to be a sky…
I want to reach sky…
It seems so close meeting its lover ocean
Yet so far for me to reach…
With different hues so same as my moods
Can’t it bend for me?
Sure can, if I say so …

I Want to meet sky…
Mingle with rest of the stars
Some sparkle, some don’t
Hide some, reveal some
Reckless of their identity
Consuming my entity… 

I Want to touch sky…
Is it velvety like a star studded saree?
Caress of a mother…?
Warmness of a dear one…?
Melancholy of a heart…?
Softness of a compassionate hand…?

I Want to feel sky…
With so much music inside it
Wish to explore it
With bare hands
And love that is so rare now-a-days
like a rainbow occasional

I want to be sky…
to come down and caress
who wish to reach me
from wheelchairs, walkers…
for the seen and heard sky

for a caress and a  real care !!

--Written by Sai Padma

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