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TODAY'S KALAM Tourist Guide in Mathura

Tourist Guide in Mathura

Mathura experiences innumerable footfalls each year by the pilgrim tourists and it is one of the holiest sites famous for the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It has many sacred shrines and temples with narrow streets teeming with shops of sweets and holy offerings for the worship of the deities here. There are certain things that you should know before you set out for a tour to this place and tourist guide in Mathura gives you essential information regarding the travel tips, transport and tourist attractions of Mathura. 

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Travel Tips in Mathura:

Climate and clothing: Mathura experiences hot summers and cool winters. The south western monsoons arrive here from July to September. For the clothing, light cottons are ideal in summers and monsoons, and light woolens are recommended for the winters. Mathura can best be visited from the months of November to March and moreover, this period coincides with the celebration of the important and colorful festival of Holi in February - March each year.
The tourist guide in Mathura also offers information on the tourist destinations of Mathura that should not be missed out at any cost. Some of the prominent ones are:

Shri Krishna Janma Bhumi:
It is the most significant place in Mathura and is the birth place of Lord Krishna.

Jama Masjid:
It was constructed in the year 1661.A.D by Nabir Khan and features 4 lofty minarets, with dazzling colored plaster mosaic that add to its beauty significantly.

Vishram Ghat:
This the spot where Lord Krishna is said to have rested after killing Kansa, his maternal uncle and a tyrant.
Dwarkadheesh Temple:
It is simply an irresistible lure for the pilgrim tourists and during the celebratory days of Holi, Janmashthami and Diwali, it is adorned quite pompously.

Government Museum:
This museum is located at Dampier Park and houses some of the finest collections of archaeological interest. You can take a look at the rare items from the Gupta and Kushan period that are put on display here. 
Local Transport in Mathura: 

Various options for the local transport are available here such as buses, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and Tongas. Car rental facilities are also available from the reputed hotels located here. However, self-driven vehicles are not available in Mathura.

Food in Mathura:

There is no dearth of eateries in Mathura and Kachodi and hot milk makes for a wonderful breakfast to begin with. Lassi which is a sweet and chilled liquid prepared out of curd would be ideal to beat the heat in the afternoon. The food of Mathura is simple but tasty. The ingredients generally include, rice, lentils, vegetable and chapattis that would make for a great dining experience.  

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