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TODAY'S KALAM Tourist Sites near Tirupati

Tourist Sites near Tirupati
No pilgrimage tour is complete without a visit to the famous and hallowed town of Tirupati. An important pilgrimage spot for the Hindu pilgrims, this place is well-known for the Venkateshwara Temple. This sacred town is located at the foothills of the Tirumalai Hills in the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. There are many sacred places to visit in Tirupati and after visiting them, you can start exploring the surrounding attractions that are equally worthy of a visit. Some of the famous tourist sites near Tirupati are: 

Agastyaswamy Temple: 
This is a beautiful temple located at a distance of 12 kms at the confluence of three rivers, namely, Swarnamukhi, Bhima and Kalyan. It features three superbly sculptured entrances that enhance the splendor of the hall inside. There is also a shrine for Goddess Parvati located within the temple. You will also find a small shrine devoted to Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya nearby the tank.
This town lies 11 km to the southwest of Tirupati and was once the capital of the Vijayanagar rulers in the 16th century. This town is celebrated for the Chandragiri Fort that has been erected on an elevated rock 180 meters high. It is a wonderful place for viewing several fortifications, palaces and temples. It is a must-visit among the tourist places near Tirupati. 

Horsley Hills:
The nature lovers can make their way to this fascinating little hill station located on the southwest border of Andhra Pradesh at a height of more that twelve hundred meters above sea level. This bewitching hill station is characterized by valleys covered with teak, mango, sandalwood and eucalyptus plantations. 

Kailasakona Waterfalls:
For the nature lovers, there is more in store among the tourist sites near Tirupati. These grandiose waterfalls are located in the Nagary Valley and are truly worthy of a visit. It is said that the water of these waterfalls is rich in minerals and has amazing healing powers. 

It is an important place of tourist interest that is recommended on your excursions from Tirupati. Nagalapuram is most popular for the temple dedicated to 'Lord Vedanarayana' (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu), which was built by Krishnadeva and his mother Nagamba. The outstanding architecture of this temple is famous for the exceptionally intricate details. 


It is a small village located at a distance of about 43 kms from Tirupati and is one of the charming tourist spots near Tirupati. This village is most popular for an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Kalyana Venkateswara. It is at the same time known as the holy venue of the mythical and divine wedding between Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavathi. 

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