Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Arshad Shaik - Editor Today's Kalam Magazine

Mr.Arshad Shaik is a Social activist, Social reformer and RTI activist who is working for the last 6 years in different NGO’s in India. He was very active in Anna Hazare movement against corruption. He actively coordinated “India against corruption”, Hyderabad chapter after participating in the movement later. With the aim to change the society he joined full time in a voluntary organisation “Youth for Seva”. He worked for 2 years as a College Cordinator (building chapters in the colleges) and as Zonal incharge in Hyderabad. He was engaged in hundreds of activities in Youth for Seva like volunteering in slums, Govt schools, Hospitals, Orphanages, Old age homes and many more. He organised hundreds of events.
He conducted RTI sessions and worked on Lake restoration activities .He have personally filed 20 RTI’s on various subjects. He was the best zonal incharge during his time in youth for seva. He started Vijayawada chapter in 2015 in the same NGO in Andhra Pradesh State. With the same inspiration and knowledge which he developed with his experience, he started working in villages and for development of rural people. Later he joined Vandemataram Foundation, an Education based NGO in Mahaboobnagar district since 2007. In Vandemataram Foundation, it took him two months to understand villages, schools, mindset of people. Vandemataram Foundation works for strengthening of Govt. schools with community involvement.
He believes strongly that when community is involved then only the development of village starts. Then he adopted a program called Bala Sabha, the concept of an Educationist Sreeepathi Reddy. Bala Sabha is a completely student organized program in which the students act as the roles of anchors, participants, Guests and Audience. This program is being run in school premises on every Saturday afternoon’s. The student will get the all round development and also leadership qualities from their childhood onwards. He implemented this program successfully in 50 villages in Mahaboob Nagar district of Telanagana State. He also worked and implemented LLL program (Language, Logic and Life Skills) of VMF in many schools and participated in conducting the surveys of this mathematical model by conducting several hundreds of tests in many schools