Tuesday, 13 March 2018


 Badami Cave - Karnataka
Inner View

 About Badami Cave

Badami is known for its beautiful carved cave temples belonging to 6th & 7th centuries. Wedged between two rocky hills at the mouth of a ravine, the four rock-cut cave temples display the full range of religious sects that evolved in India. Overlooking the sandstone caves, is an artificial lake lined with four temples on its shores. While three of the temples belong to Vedic faith, the fourth and natural cave is the only Jain temple at Badami. Out of the three Hindu temples, two are dedicated to Lord Vishnu while one is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The beautiful carvings, paintings and bracket figures depict Lord Narasimha (with the face of a lion and body of a man), Lord Vishnu Hari Hara (half-Shiva and half-Vishnu), Vishnu Narayana sitting or reclining on Shesh Nag or Ananta (Eternity) and various other figures and scenes from Hindu mythology.
Side Water View
Another Inner View
Temple View
Full View
Another Temple view
Temple Inner View
Another Side View
Temple Side View

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