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Bharathi Memorial Foundation

There is   nothing more than the Love towards destitute and underprivileged - Swami vivekananda


Bharathi Memorial Foundation, is an organization dedicated to empowering children to reach their full potential, one orphan at a time. We are making a significant impact on the lives of orphaned children in India by:
• Raising the standard of living for the children in orphanages
• Reducing the number of non-orphaned children living in orphanages

About Us

The Bharathi Memorial Foundation renovates existing orphanages, builds new ones, raises money for construction and finds sponsors for our children. Because the effort is so focused, there is little overhead. In India, our money goes a long way towards healthy food, tuition, better living conditions, clothing, and medical care. Love, affection, and hope for a bright future come from our incredible staff, ambassadors, and sponsors.
There are currently 25 million orphaned children in India -- equal to the inhabitants of the state of Texas. Most orphans in India live in overcrowded, under-funded, government orphanages. The rest live on the streets.


Actual situation and need

Today there is a 11 bed hospital and 35 patients that are being treated and they are orphans without any whereabouts.
As on date there have been 59 destitute patients that were taken care by Rajesh and his team in the ashram. Of these 9 are Physical & Mental handicapped who were thrown out because their medical bills were eating into rest of the family's earning and livelihoods. There are also patients suffering from TB, Nephralogy, dialasys needy, Cancer, Urology suffering, Paralasys affected elderly, Orthopedic, surgery needy and burn cases.

The Foundation is handicapped and couldn't reach more of the needy for paucity of funds.  

Appeal by a blogger: Orphan age and old age homes lack funds

Source: bspblogs

The trustees of different people’s welfare organization are not able to acquire funds for the sustainability. They are not able to feed the people residing there. I have seen a live example. A person named K.Rajesh started his service to humanity from the time he started his matriculation. He is working as a faculty with a very less salary. He has been awarded around 12.5 lakhs by Central Govt. of India fro his work towards humanity and his parent’s pension came to be around 18 lakhs after their retirement. And with a amount of Rs 30 lakh, he started a trust named “ Bharti Memorial Foundation ” located beside Saibaba Temple, Medipalli, 5 km from Uppal Depot, Hyderabad in Memory of his late mother.

He used the money to serve around 64 old people and few physically challenged children. He spends around 1.20 lakhs monthly towards the expenditure of the people. The people whom the person is serving are in a condition that they can’t even help themselves. He serves them in all the aspects. His most of the time, he has rendered towards the service of these people. His monthly expenditure of hospital and medicine is around Rs. 50,000. The lease of the two houses was for 3 years which is coming to an end.
Today, the money which he has is very less to serve these people, but even though he is managing. Let us not hope that the day may come when he has no funds and he has to vacate the place where he has given life to more than 70 people.

I would like people to go and visit that place and see how those people are living with constraints in life. And if possible plz try to help them out.

All Contributions are exempt from 80 G

Contributions can be made to: SBI, PEERZADIGUDA Branch, Uppal
A/C No: 31265322823,
IFSC Code: SBIN 0012664

HYDERABAD 500 013, 
Andhra Pradesh

Tel: 99085 87340
Bharathi Memorial Foundation,
Regd No: 352/2010
A Destitute Patients' Care center (Ashram)
Physically and mentally Handicapped Destitute Boys Home,

Regd Office:
H No 3-2-37/1/A,
Srinagar Colony,
Old Ramantapur,
Hyderabad - 500013
Ph: +91 9908587340, +91 9290459857,
+91 040 65082851, 65082882

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