Friday, 9 March 2018

Book Review: Dream Chasing – One Man’s Remarkable True Life Story

Many of us would have read biographies or autobiographies of famous people. People like to read about underdogs who made it big. We relate to them and it gives us a vicarious sense of triumph.  But seldom do we attempt to read a story of an unknown personality. I happened to stumble on this book written by an unknown person SB Misra on his life journey.
Dream Chasing is the story of Shiv Balak Misra from a remote village in Uttar Pradesh who walked 24 Kms each way to his school and wondered why there was no school in his village. It is a fascinating read, which starts in 1939 and takes the reader through the life of the author as well as the country in which he was born. The author writes in the beginning of the book ‘I never owned a watch and never combed my hair under an electric bulb’. It is a story of extreme struggle, grit and determination. From such a remote village of Uttar Pradesh, the author makes it to Canada on a full scholarship where he discovers a rare fossil during his research. After becoming a star in the field of geological research, he quits it all to come back to his native village and build a school there.
Read this book to feel the thrill and romance of Nation building, read it if you would like to get a glimpse of rural India right from pre-independence era and its changing socio-economic conditions, read it if you want to feel how one man chased his dreams and affected millions of lives in the process.