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BOSF – Birds of same Feathers

BOSF – Birds of same Feathers

This is a platform for communication and co-operation between likeminded groups and individuals willing to share their activities, exchange views and ideas in serving the society.

The primary purpose of BosF is optimization - optimal utilization of time, resources, effort and money. No single individual or a single group can match the collective strength and reach. In order for us to leverage the skills, knowledge and availability of others, we created this platform.

Who can be members of BosF?

Anyone can become a member provided they have the interest. BosF is a public group. If one only wants to go through our mails/activities, one need not be a member. One can log on to: and read the mails of interest.

If one wants to be active, participate in discussions, interested to share their experiences, guide, ask questions etc., one can opt to be a member.  If one can spare one or two days in a month for any activity that would be great. This is more of a request rather than a requirement.

Is there any membership fee?

There is no membership fee or any fee for that matter. Reading mails and responding to the ones of your choice is the only requirement for being a member.

How you can help by being a part of the BosF platform?

If you are an NGO: You Can

  1. Take up cases which match your guidelines
  2. Post regular updates of your activities
  3. Offer suggestions and give references
  4. Be assured of the right utilization of resources for deserving causes/people
  5. Get to know many cases by being part of this platform and can come forward to - verify a case, coordinate in a case, fund the case and broadcast about the case.
  6. Be informed of various groups and their activities
  7. Direct people to the right destinations

If you are an individual: You Can

  1. Get lot of opportunities to work in the area of your interest
  2. Participate in all activities, if you do not have specific interest, and eventually find the one which appeals you the best

How BosF can be of help?

If you are an NGO: You Can

  1. Get volunteers for your activities depending on the cause and other constraints
  2. Receive advise and guidance from members who have experience in executing particular projects
  3. Benefit from the references and any useful info. shared by other members

If you are an individual: You Can

  1. Learn from the experience of others
  2. Gain good understanding on the field level issues shared by volunteers
  3. Understand the significance of each and every task that we take up, to help others

Fund Raising

There will not be any fund raising through BosF in the sense there would not be any account created specially for BosF.

We raise funds but donate through one or other registered groups in BosF or send directly to the needy's account/institution etc.,
Success of BosF

Whenever a case is forwarded, some of us are doing reference check, some raise funds, some visit institutions (colleges, schools, hospitals etc.), some coordinate with the corresponding family members and some update the status.

Work distribution and a sense of togetherness is a very visible and evident success.

Web site: (under Construction)

To Subscribe: 
2. Click the “Apply for group membership” option on the right menu and enter your gmail credentials.
3. The subscription/join page displays.
4. Select the email mode (Digest, No Email, Abridged or Email), name to display to represent you and your brief introduction and click the “Apply to this group” button.
5. Your subscription request will be sent to moderators and once it is approved, you can send and receive mails to the group through this id:

Love all - Serve all

Sarvaraju. Srinivasa Prasad Rao
Founder & President (9177999263)Amma Social Welfare Association

Smiling, Sharing, Loving, Caring and Helping are my five main weaknesses

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