Friday, 9 March 2018


Cotton is probably one of the oldest known fibers to man! Excavations have revealed that cotton was used to make clothing by the people of ancient Egypt! A coverlet is nothing but a bedspread that is light in weight and is used to cover a bed. This includes bed shams and bed skirts. The pillows are excluded however, as there are separate pillow covers available. These coverlets can be used as throw blankets too and they play a major role in home furnishing. The word coverlet was derived from the French word ‘coverir’. The art of using decorative coverlets came into existence only in the 19th century.

Handcrafted Cotton Coverlet
Cotton coverlets are specifically available in any departmental stores that sell beddings. These coverlets are available in wide range and are mostly ornamented and decorative. Cotton coverlets are available in abundance with intricate designs and embroidery work, which is usually used to highlight the beauty of the bed and the bedroom when used. There are quiet a wide range of options with varying sizes and colors available in cotton coverlets. Ranging from rich traditional ones to the latest contemporary designs, coverlets are available in a wide range for people to choose from.

By changing the coverlets, you can change the look of your bedroom. So the next time you shop for beddings, remember to pick up coverlets as well. Cotton coverlets are good for both summers and winters. They are cool during the summers and warm during winters. Cotton coverlet are organic and keeps one free from any kind of bacterial infection and are hypoallergenic in nature too.

When you are buying a cotton coverlets, you should keep in mind that a king size coverlet always measures somewhere between 72 x 84 inches and 78 x 80 inches. You can measure the size of your bed before opting for one. These cotton coverlets come as a single piece and at times double so that it is thick. A major advantage of a cotton coverlet is that it is available as a package and is accompanied by pillow covers. Cotton coverlets are easily washable as they can be washed either in washing machines or just hand washed, thus making them very easy to be maintained. Cotton coverlets are available in various price ranges catering to the need of each.

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