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The following is a partial list of independence days of countries around the world:

 AbkhaziaJuly 4De facto independence from Georgia in 1993. Officially declared as such in 1999.[1] (Only partially recognized.)End of the1992-1993 War in Abkhazia; also known as "liberation day".
 AfghanistanAugust 19Independence from United Kingdom control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919.Afghan Independence Day
 AlbaniaNovember 28Declared by Ismail Qemali in 1912 and signalled the end of five centuries of Ottoman rule.Dita e Pavarësisë
 AlgeriaJuly 5Independence from France in 1962.
 AngolaNovember 11Independence from Portugal in 1975.
 Antigua and BarbudaNovember 1Independence from the United Kingdom in 1981.
 ArgentinaJuly 9Independence declared from the Spanish Empire in 1816.
 ArmeniaMay 28
September 21
Declaration of independence from Ottoman Empire in 1918.
Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

National Day
 AustriaOctober 26Restoration of sovereignty in 1955National Day
 AzerbaijanMay 28
October 18
Independence from the Russian Empire in 1918.
Independence re-declared from the Soviet Union in 1991
 BahamasJuly 10Independence from the United Kingdom in 1973.
 BahrainDecember 16Independence from the United Kingdom in 1971National Day
 BangladeshMarch 26Independence was declared from Pakistan and this led to a nine-month war ending on December 16, 1971.National Day
 BarbadosNovember 30Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.
 BelarusJuly 3The liberation of Minsk after several years of German occupation in 1944.
 BelgiumJuly 21Independence from the Netherlands (Belgian revolution) on October 4, 1830. Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld takes the oath as first king of the Belgians on July 21, 1831.National Day
 BelizeSeptember 21Independence from the United Kingdom on September 21, 1981.September Celebrations
 BeninAugust 1Independence from France in 1960.
 BoliviaAugust 6Independence from Spain in 1825.
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaMarch 1Independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992.
 BotswanaSeptember 30Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.
 BrazilSeptember 7Independence from Portugal in 1822. Recognized on August 29, 1825.Independence Day (Brazil)
 BulgariaMarch 03Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.
 BruneiSeptember 22Independence from the United Kingdom
 Burkina FasoAugust 5Independence from France in 1960
 BurundiJuly 1Independence from Belgium in 1962
 CambodiaNovember 9Independence from France in 1953
 CameroonJanuary 1Independence from France and Britain.
 Cape VerdeJuly 5Independence from Portugal in 1975.
 Central African RepublicAugust 13Independence from France in 1960.
 ChadAugust 11Independence from France in 1960.
 ChileFebruary 12 and September 18Declared Independence from Spain on that date in 1818. Actually, Chileans celebrate the date of the first Government Junta, September 18. This date was not recognized as such until April 25, 1844.
 ColombiaJuly 20 and August 7Independence from Spain in 1810.
 Democratic Republic of the CongoJune 30Independence from Belgium in 1960.
 Costa RicaSeptember 15Independence from Spain in 1821.
 Côte d'IvoireAugust 7Independence from France in 1960.
 CroatiaOctober 8Independence from SFR Yugoslavia in 1991. Independence was declared, after the May 19 referendum, by the Parliament on June 25 - the date is celebrated as Statehood Day; but a three-month moratorium was imposed as a result of the Brijuni Agreement, and on October 8 the ties with SFR Yugoslavia were formally severed.
 CubaMay 20Independence from the United States in 1902.
 CyprusOctober 1Independence from the United Kingdom on August 16, 1960, but Cyprus Independence Day is commonly celebrated on October 1.
 Czech RepublicOctober 28 and January 1As Czechoslovakia, marking independence fromAustria-Hungary on October 28, 1918.
As the Czech Republic after the split ofCzechoslovakia in 1993.
 DjiboutiJune 27Independence from France in 1977
 DominicaNovember 3Independence from the United Kingdom in 1978
 Dominican RepublicFebruary 27Independence from Haiti in 1844, after a 22-year occupation.
 East TimorMay 20Independence from Portugal in 2002 (recognition, East Timor was invaded by Indonesia from 1975 to 1999, officially it never ceased to be considered as administrated by Portugal).
 EcuadorAugust 10 and May 24Proclaimed independence from Spain on August 10, 1809, but failed with the execution of all the conspirators of the movement on August 2, 1810. Independence finally occurred on May 24, 1822 at the Battle of Pichincha.
 El SalvadorSeptember 15Independence from Spain in 1821
 EritreaMay 24Independence from Ethiopia in 1993.
 EstoniaFebruary 24
August 20
Independence from the Russian Empire in 1918.
Independence re-declared from the Soviet Union in 1991
 FijiOctober 10Independence from United Kingdom in 1970.
 FinlandDecember 6Independence from Russia in 1917. Recognized on January 4, 1918.Independence Day (Finland)
 GabonAugust 17Independence from France in 1960.
 The GambiaFebruary 18Independence from the United Kingdom in 1965.
 GeorgiaMay 26
April 9
Day of First Republic in 1918.
Independence from USSR in 1991.
 GhanaMarch 6Independence from the United Kingdom in 1957.
 GreeceMarch 25Declaration of independence from Ottoman Empirein 1821. Start of the Greek War of Independence
 GrenadaFebruary 7Independence from United Kingdom in 1974.
 GuatemalaSeptember 15Independence from Spain in 1821.
 GuineaOctober 2Independence from France in 1958.
 Guinea-BissauSeptember 24Declaration of independence from Portugal in 1973.
 GuyanaMay 26Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.
 HaitiJanuary 1Declaration of independence from France in 1804.
 HondurasSeptember 15Independence from Spain in 1821.
 IcelandDecember 1Independence from Kingdom of Denmark in 1918.
 IndiaAugust 15(Fifteenth of AugustIndependence from the United Kingdom in 1947.
 IndonesiaAugust 17Declaration of Independence day (Hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan R.I.) from the Netherlands in 1945. The Netherlands acknowledged Indonesian independence and sovereignty in 1949.
 IraqOctober 3Independence from the United Kingdom in 1932.
 IrelandApril 24Proclamation of the Irish Republic commencing theEaster Rising on April 24, 1916. Independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
 IsraelIyar 5
(On or between April 15 and May 15, depending on the Hebrew calendar).
(Yom Ha'atzmaut) Independence from the British Mandate of Palestine which took place on May 14, 1948 (5 Iyar 5708 in the Hebrew calendar). It is actually celebrated on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nearest to 5 Iyar, so it actually occurs between the 3rd and 6th of Iyar, which may fall between April 15 and May 15 in the Gregorian calendar.
 JamaicaAugust 6Independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.
 JordanMay 25Independence from the United Kingdom in 1946.
 KazakhstanDecember 16Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
 KenyaDecember 12Independence from the United Kingdom in 1963.
 Korea, NorthSeptember 9Founding of the DPRK in 1948.
 Korea, SouthAugust 15(Gwangbokjeol) Independence from Japan in 1945. (Independence from Japan was declared on March 1, 1919. August 15, 1945 is the officialLiberation Day of Korea.)
 KosovoFebruary 17Independence from Serbia in 2008. (Not universally recognized).
 KuwaitFebruary 25Independence from the United Kingdom in 1961.
 KyrgyzstanAugust 31Independence from USSR in 1991.
 LaosJuly 19Independence from France on July 19, 1949.
 LatviaNovember 18 and May 4Independence from Russia on November 18, 1918.
Independence from Soviet Union on May 4, 1990
 LebanonNovember 22Independence from France in 1943.
 LesothoOctober 4Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.
 LiberiaJuly 26Independence from the United States in 1847.
 LibyaDecember 24Independence from Italy on December 24, 1951. However, celebration of this day was abolished during the reign of Muammar Gaddafi (1969–2011).
 LithuaniaFebruary 16 and March 11Act of Independence of Lithuania: Independence from the Russian and German Empires in February 1918; Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania: independence from the Soviet Union in March 1990.
 MacedoniaSeptember 8(Den na nezavisnosta or Ден на независноста) Independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
 MadagascarJune 26Independence from France in 1960.
 MalawiJuly 6Independence from the United Kingdom in 1964.
 MalaysiaAugust 31(Hari Merdeka) Independence from the United Kingdom in 1957 (as the Federation of Malaya).
 MaldivesJuly 26Independence from the United Kingdom in 1965.
 MaliSeptember 22Independence from France in 1960.
 MaltaSeptember 21(Independence Day (Malta)) Independence from theUnited Kingdom in 1964.
 MauritiusMarch 12Independence from the United Kingdom in 1968.
 MexicoSeptember 16(Grito de Dolores) Independence from Spaindeclared in 1810. Recognized on September 27, 1821.
 MoldovaAugust 27(Independence DayDeclaration of Independencefrom the Soviet Union in 1991.National Day
 MongoliaDecember 29[2]Independence from the Qing Dynasty in 1911.[3][4]However, the newly established Mongolian government was weak to resist the occupation of the ROC in 1919 and later White Russia in early 1921. After ousting Ungern's forces, the new communist government was officially established on June 11, 1921.[5]
 MontenegroMay 21Independence from State union with Serbia, in 2006
 MoroccoNovember 18Independence from France and Spain in 1956
 MozambiqueJune 25Independence from Portugal in 1975
 MyanmarJanuary 4Independence from the United Kingdom in 1948Independence Day (Burma)
 Nagorno-KarabakhSeptember 2Independence from Azerbaijan in 1991. De facto independent.National Day
 NamibiaMarch 21Independence from South African mandate in 1990
 NauruJanuary 31Independence from AustraliaNew Zealand and theUnited Kingdom in 1968
 NetherlandsMay 5(Bevrijdingsdag) Liberation from Nazi Germany in 1945National Day
 NicaraguaSeptember 15Independence from Spain in 1821
 NigerAugust 3Independence from France in 1960
 NigeriaOctober 1Independence from United Kingdom in 1960
 PakistanAugust 14(Yaum e Azadi) Independence from the United Kingdom on 27 Ramadan ul Mubarik, August 14, 1947.
 PanamaNovember 28Independence from Spain, celebrated on November 28, 1821, but after that Panama was member of the "Gran Colombia" until 1903. The 1903 separation from Colombia is also celebrated as a official holiday day on November 3.
 Papua New GuineaSeptember 16Independence from Australia of the former Territory of Papua and New Guinea in 1975.
 ParaguayMay 14(Día de Independencia) Independence from Spain in 1811.
 PeruJuly 28Independence from Spain in 1821.
 PhilippinesJune 12(Araw ng Kalayaan) The proclamation date of the 1898 Declaration of Independence by Emilio Aguinaldo during the Philippine Revolution is celebrated as Independence Day. The Republic of the Philippines was recognized as an independent nation on July 4, 1946.
 PolandNovember 11(Święto Niepodległości) Restoration of Poland's independence in 1918 after 123 years of partitionsby RussiaPrussia, and Austria.
 PortugalDecember 1Restoration of Portugal's independence (from Iberian Union with Spain) in 1640.
The country's original independence (from theKingdom of León) was recognized on October 5, 1143. That day is a holiday in Portugal, but for a different reason. (Implantation of the Republic, or Republic Day. Event of 1910.) Note that none of these events are similar to today's declarations or recognition of independence as these are in fact the recognition of the rule of a king to the land. Portugal existed as a separate entity before 1143 and during the union with Spain between 1580 and 1640.
 RomaniaMay 9Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877 (see the Romanian War of Independence).
 RwandaJuly 1Independence from Belgium in 1962.
 Saint Kitts and NevisSeptember 19Independence from the United Kingdom in 1983.
 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesOctober 27Independence from the United Kingdom in 1979.
 SamoaJune 1Independence from New Zealand in 1962.
 São Tomé and PríncipeJuly 12Independence from Portugal in 1975.
 SenegalApril 4Independence from France in 1960.
 SerbiaFebruaryIndependence from Ottoman Empire in 1809.
 SeychellesJune 29Independence from the United Kingdom in 1976.
 Sierra LeoneApril 27Independence from the United Kingdom in 1961.
 SingaporeAugust 9(National Day (Singapore)) Marks separation fromMalaysia in 1965.
 SlovakiaJuly 17Declaration of Independence in 1992 (only aremembrance day), de jure independence came on January 1, 1993 after the division of Czechoslovakia(public holiday).
 SloveniaDecember 26 and June 25(Independence and Unity Day) Date of the release of the official results of the independence plebiscite in 1990, confirming secession from Yugoslavia. (Statehood Day) Declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
 Solomon IslandsJuly 7Independence from United Kingdom in 1978.
 SomalilandMay 18Declared independence from Somalia on May 18, 1991 as the Republic of Somaliland, but remains unrecognized internationally.[6]Independence Day
 South AfricaDecember 11Independence from the United Kingdom in 1931. Not a public holiday. Union of South Africa formed on May 31, 1910 and Republic of South Africa declared on May 31, 1961
 South SudanJuly 9Independence from Sudan in 2011.
 Sri LankaFebruary 4Independence from the United Kingdom in 1948.
 SudanJanuary 1Independence from Egypt and the United Kingdomin 1956.
 SurinameNovember 25Independence from the Netherlands in 1975.
 SwazilandSeptember 6Independence from the United Kingdom in 1968.
 SwedenJune 6(National Day of Sweden) celebrates the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523 and some governmental change in 1809.
 SwitzerlandAugust 1(Swiss National Day) Alliance against the Holy Roman Empire in 1291.
 SyriaApril 17(Evacuation Day) End of the French Mandate of Syria in 1946
 TajikistanSeptember 9Independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
 TanzaniaDecember 9Independence of Tanganyika from United Kingdomin 1961.
 TogoApril 27Independence from France in 1960.
 TongaJune 4Termination of protectorate status under the United Kingdom in 1970.
 Trinidad and TobagoAugust 31Independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.
 TunisiaMarch 20Declaration of independence from France in 1956.
 TurkeyOctober 29Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire Turkish War of Independence in 1923.
 TurkmenistanOctober 27Declaration of independence from the Soviet Unionin 1991.[7]
 UkraineAugust 24 and January 22(День незалежності) Independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991. Unification of Ukraine on January 22, 1919.[8]
 United Arab EmiratesDecember 2(National Day) Independence from the United Kingdom in 1971.
 United StatesJuly 4(Fourth of JulyDeclaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776.
 UruguayAugust 25(Declaratoria de la Independencia) Declaration of independence from Brazil in 1825.
 UzbekistanSeptember 1Independence from USSR in 1991.
 VanuatuJuly 30Independence from United Kingdom and France in 1980.
 VenezuelaJuly 5Declaration of independence from Spain in 1811.
 VietnamSeptember 2Proclamation of independence from Japan andFrance in 1945.
 YemenNovember 30South Yemen Declaration of independence fromUnited Kingdom in 1967.
 ZambiaOctober 24Independence from United Kingdom in 1964.
 ZimbabweApril 18Independence from United Kingdom in 1980.

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