Saturday, 17 March 2018


Doctor L.Subramaniam
Date of Birth:-
Place of Birth:India

Doctor Subramaniam, gave up his medical practice to devote all his attention to music. He began playing violin professionally, as a six year old boy. He took his masters degree in Western Music from California Institute of Arts. He and his wife Viji, who was a singer, popularised Karnatic music in the West. But in 1996 Viji died. This violinist has more than 100 recordings to his credit and has performed with the world's major orchestras. Dr. L. Subramaniam's performance with its unique blend of the east and west has music lovers always eager to hear this violin virtuoso perform on stage. Bolshoi Theatre, the Lincoln centre, the Royal Albert Hall, the Champs Elysses Theatre are the famous theaters where he brings out his enchanting charisma enthralling his fans. Legendary musicians like Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Zubin Mehta and Stephane Grappelli have made music with him. In 1999, this California-based violinist married the well known Hindi play back singer Kavitha Krishnamurthy setting the foundation of a harmonious partnership. They organised the Global Fusion Music Concert in Delhi.

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